France. Macron is ready to “piss off” the unvaccinated, and so does the prime minister. “We have responsibilities”

Castex, in a morning interview with BFM TV, defended vaccinations that “prevent severe forms” of infection and still “reduce” the symptoms of the disease. He also expressed the hope that the vaccine passport would take effect in place of the sanitary passport on January 15, after the National Assembly (the lower house of parliament) adopted the law on Thursday morning, which will then be voted in the Senate.

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France. The prime minister confirms the position of President Macron. “Piss off the unvaccinated”

Asked about limiting access to public places and long-distance transport for the unvaccinated, the prime minister stressed that vaccinated people are “20 times less likely to suffer severe Covid-19 transit”, and thus will not burden the health system.

Castex assured that if medical authorities issue recommendations, a fourth dose of the vaccine will be administered in France. “The Israelis did it after consulting their health authorities,” recalled the prime minister.

Asked about the words of President Emmanuel Macron, who said in an interview published on Wednesday in the daily Le Parisien that he was ready to “piss off” the unvaccinated and the unvaccinated as irresponsible are not citizens for him, the prime minister upheld the line taken by the president to “continue to exercise” emphasis on the unvaccinated “and promote vaccination.

The words “piss off the French” are the historical formula of President Georges Pompidou – reminded the head of government. – The unvaccinated, of course, remain citizens. When we are citizens, we have rights and obligations, he stressed.

Castex also announced the distribution of “surgical masks to the entire teaching staff by the end of the month” and FFP2 masks “as needed”. Referring to the debates on the implementation of vaccination passports, and not the obligation to vaccinate, which would result in fines and penalties in the absence of vaccination, the Prime Minister replied: – The goal is to vaccinate people. It’s not about putting money into the government’s coffers.

According to the “Opinion 2022” survey conducted by the Elabe institute for BFMTV and the newspaper “L’Express”, 53 percent. The French said they were “shocked by Macron’s remarks.” 35 percent of respondents said: “is very shocked”, and 18 percent. “quite shocked” by the president’s words.


From Paris, Katarzyna Stańko (PAP)

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