France: Penly 1 nuclear reactor shutdown at Dieppe power plant

The Penly 1 nuclear reactor at the Dieppe nuclear power plant in Normandy has been shut down due to the threat of corrosion and weld problems. This is the fifth reactor that has been shut down in France since December, reports the daily Ouest-France.

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The French nuclear safety institute IRSN announced that it is not yet known whether there were other accidents in Penly 1. Joint problems also appeared in the four reactors closed in December.

“The defects found in (four) of the last-generation reactors were found in another reactor,” IRSN deputy director Karine Herviou told AFP without giving further details.

In December 2021, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that nuclear energy is the only way to produce energy sovereignly. He stressed that experts also recognized that nuclear energy is part of decarbonisation. He also announced that by 2030, his government wants to invest one billion euros in small nuclear modular reactors (SMRs) under a program called “France 2030”.

In June last year, a public opinion poll commissioned by EDF, the main French electricity supplier and operator of nuclear power plants, indicated that 43 percent. of respondents considered that nuclear is the energy of the future, 30 percent expressed the opposite opinion. However, 49 percent. of respondents are concerned about the risk of an accident or a terrorist attack on a nuclear power plant.

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In 2020, the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) proposed a 40-year extension to the service life of 32 French 900 MW nuclear reactors. As originally conceived, reactors were designed to generate electricity for approximately 40 years.

The idea is still debated in France, even though ASN has announced that a modification of the gym would be necessary. Here he mentioned doubling or even tripling the amount of water used to cool the reactor core in the event of a major accident, improving the safety of silos in which nuclear fuel is stored. In addition, security improvements would be necessary in the event of threats resulting from climate change, such as floods or above-average heatwaves.

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