France. Protests after the bear attack on the hunter. Farmers fear the attack. “He took his thigh off” | World news

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How to behave when a wild animal meets?

The man was injured by a wild animal on Saturday. The 70-year-old was taken to hospital by a team of high mountain gendarmes.

Hunter attack witness: He attacked him and grabbed his leg, tore his calf off and injured his other leg

As reported by CNN, when the accident happened, the man was in southwestern France in Ariege, south of Toulouse. A spokesman for the French gendarmerie was unable to confirm the station whether the hunter had shot the bear, but his body was found not far from where the 70-year-old was. An investigation is currently underway to clarify the circumstances of the incident.

One of the members of the hunting group told that he was away from the attacked 70-year-old, did not know what was happening, but heard the call on the radio. “The bear attacked him and grabbed him by the leg, ripped off his calf and injured his other leg,” said the hunter, quoted by He added that “the bleeding was stopped until help came.”

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A bear hunter in France: They’re getting closer, because there’s nothing left to eat in the mountains also managed to talk to another hunter, who said that the bears are coming closer and closer because “there is nothing to eat in the mountains”. And he added that the 70-year-old shot a bear to defend himself.

Snitch (illustrative photo)The doctor pronounced dead. After 7 hours, the man woke up in the morgue

In the 1990s, the brown bear population in France dropped to almost zero. In 1996, the French government implemented a reintroduction program for these animals in the Pyrenees, and the authorities began to import these predators from Slovenia. Last year, 64 bears lived in the mountains, according to a report by the Brown Bear Network, which is part of the French Biodiversity Bureau. However, the increased number of predators in the region worries local farmers who fear bear attacks. According to CNN, there were 329 incidents involving these animals last year.

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