Francesco Valdiserri, the young man is talking in the car: he swerved

October 26, 2022 8:53 am

Datan Pensa, aboard Silvestri’s Suzuki Swift, gives his version to the prosecutor: “She didn’t get distracted with her cell phone, we were running. Then the turning and the crash”

The reconstruction of the 21-year-old – After being heard by the magistrates as a person informed on the facts, he reconstructs what happened over the phone, writes the “Messenger”. “I’m still very tired. I realized I couldn’t do anything unfortunately – he remembers -. Chiara didn’t get distracted, it was a driving problem, I didn’t see the odometer. I understood at the last minute what was going to happen and then I opened the door “. According to the 21-year-old, the friend was not distracted by her cell phone, as had been assumed.

The car ride and the risky maneuver – According to her version, the two were racing too much in the car and that risky maneuver caused the accident: Silvestri realized at the last moment that she had to turn, she swerved losing grip with the asphalt and ended up on the pavement overwhelming the 18 year old. Now the unrepeatable appraisal on the girl’s cell phone is awaited: it will therefore be possible to ascertain whether in the moments of the accident the 23-year-old used her phone. She will then be examined the car, which was impounded immediately after the accident.

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