“Franchises are so much fun”

Jennifer Lawrence:

“Franchises are so much fun,” Jennifer Lawrence said today at the BFI London Film Festival.

What did Jennifer Lawrence say about franchises?

The 32-year-old X-Men and Hunger Games star then gave a big laugh, adding, “I could never get one now because I’m just too old and frail.”


Jennifer is returning to her indie origins with Causeway, a drama she stars in and produced, which screened as part of the LFF following its world premiere in Toronto last month.


The Oscar-winning actress (per Bright side) plays the protagonist named Lynsey, a military engineer who returned to the United States from Afghanistan with a debilitating brain injury following a bomb explosion.


In recovery, which is slow and painful, she must re-learn to walk and retrain her memory aided by a chatty but tender keeper (Jayne Houdyshell). When he returns home to New Orleans, however, he is faced with even more distressing and challenging memories than those he experienced while on duty: a showdown with his childhood.

The meeting

Left with her mother (Linda Emond), with whom she has a strained relationship, Lynsey just wants to go back to her job as an engineer, but her doctor (Stephen McKinley Henderson) is wary and so, in the meantime, gets a job as a pool cleaner. When her pickup truck breaks down, she meets James Aucoin (Brian Tyree Henry), who works in a garage and offers her a ride home; slowly the two begin to rely on each other for companionship and comfort, and Lynsey discovers that James is also repressing the traumas of her past.

The post Oscar

Jennifer explained that after the Oscar for that 2012 film, “she lost her sense of control.” Between the Hunger Games release and the Oscar win, I think I became such a commodity that I felt like every decision was a big, big group decision; because I had no idea what a big movie star would have done or what Katniss Everdeen should have done after this… When I reflect now, I think of those later years as a kind of loss of control and then a reaction to try and go back. I am so happy that in the end, at the end, at the end of my 20s, I stopped and made some major changes, and I had the voice in my head. Now, for the first time in a long time, it feels personal to me ”.

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