Franco Armani targeted again for poor penalty avoidance

river plate Eliminated in round 16 CONMEBOL Libertadores and Franco Armani, Often the one who threw the ball and “win the game” had to be left as an “enemy” for him this time. Less effective at stopping penalties: Null in this case, against Internacional in Porto Alegre.

The world champion goalkeeper did a good job defending zero points in the first half, but in the end we lost 2-1 and by definition from 12 steps, he was at the center of the scene. did not live up to expectations Just like Sergio Rocher did with his local team.

The truth is that Armani has been criticized for his lack of footwork, his failure to get under the three sticks and his unreliability in penalties. His numbers speak for themselves. Over his career he barely stopped 25 out of 150 penalties, or 16.6% for him.

For River, he made 53 penalty shots on time and made only seven saves (13.2%).

After losing to Internacional, The definition of penalties with Octopus tipped negatively, and the millionaire only advanced 1 out of 5 times. In 2018, against Libertadores, he faced Cruzeiro. They lost to Gimnasia (Muza) in the 2019 Argentina Cup, Al Ain in the 2018 Club World Cup, Boca Juniors in the League Cup and Boca Juniors in the final competition in 2023.

Number of penalties in Franco Armani’s career

  • Penalty received: 150 (5 for Deportivo Merlo, 85 for Atlético Nacional, 53 for River, 7 for the national team)

  • Converted: 113 (75.4%)

  • Shortcut: 25 (16.6%)

  • Deviant: 12 (8%)

  • Penalty Shootout: He participated in 15 definitions, won seven and lost eight.

  • Penalties: 70 in regulation time (54 converts, 11 saves, 5 deflects), 80 in definition time (59 converts, 14 saves, 7 deflects)

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