Frank Rainieri highlights the virtues of tourism in San Cristóbal

The event received financial support from important business houses in the city of San Cristóbal.

Dominican Republic. Former president of Grupo Punta, Franck Rainieri Manzarini, praised the town’s tourist qualities and urged the area’s businessmen to prepare to receive tourists from the capital.

He said that this city has everything from mountains to rivers and beaches.

Rainieri made his recommendations during a lecture “Let’s Talk Clearly About Tourism in San Cristóbal” organized by the southern city’s Chamber of Commerce and Production at Loyola Polytechnic Institute’s Menor Auditorium.

He explained that planning with a right sequence is essential, harnessing the potential of its historical areas, mountains, rivers, inclusion of services like water, electricity and security elements that will boost tourism development.

The pioneer of the Dominican tourism industry advises that the vision, perseverance and work without holidays are the essential ingredients for the success of Punta Cana, the most famous project in the Dominican Republic in the world, as well as the love and passion that the whole family put into its construction 53 years ago. submitted since.

Rainieri described extensively, between anecdotes and laughter, the vicissitudes he had to go through to achieve the development of the area as a tourist option for the world.

Frank Rainieri Manzarini is the former president of the Puntacana Group, and of the Foundation of the same name, the latter dedicated to the development and execution of social-business and environmental responsibility programs.

Welcoming the event, Ramon Montas, President of the Board of Directors of the local chamber body, explained that the event is part of another objective that the institution has outlined, the internationalization of the province and the support of business initiatives that enhance our potential. Development.

He listed a series of events that gave primacy to the southern province, and put it on the path to achieving a harmonious development that benefited its entire population, including the signing of the constitution, the slave revolt, the set of hieroglyphs Is. The famous Cuevas del Pomier, series of historical monuments, rivers, mountains, 62 percent of the collection of the South region and 15 of all GDP.

Present at the activity were Pura Casilla, the governor; José Montas, municipal mayor, Franklin Rodríguez, senator of the province; Representatives of Eddie Montas and Gustavo Lara, as well as the administrator of the Dominican Hydroelectric Generation Company (EGEHID), Rafael Salazar.

also Fr. José Victoriano, rector of the Loyola Polytechnic Institute; Vlamirdi Ruiz, president of the San Cristóbal Business Council, Rosa Peña, mayor of Yaguet, among other businessmen, merchants of the San Cristóbal society.

Also representatives of civil society and social and community groups.

The event received financial support from important business houses in the city of San Cristóbal.


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