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frederick congeold (Palabra de Rey), published on Wednesday, January 17, in which he lays out his vision for the mission and looks back on his youth. Margrethe’s eldest son, 55, surprised his compatriots by sharing his hopes and fears for the future after she signed her abdication order in Copenhagen on Sunday. Although the appearance of the book was kept under wraps on the day of publication, Danish media said the publisher had been very busy since the King of Denmark announced his retirement after 52 years on the throne last New Year’s Eve. Although it is not revealed how long this work was prepared, only three days had passed since Frederick I.

danish newspaper Jyllands-PostenPolitico, the largest national morning newspaper, described Wednesday’s release of the book, published by Poitikens Forlag, as a “big surprise”. According to the outlet, “it reflects the path taken by a young and rebellious crown prince” until he became “a mature man, a family man and a king.” Since the announcement, the royal website has updated the piece with the following introduction: “The king himself (explained) what he meant by the words ‘United, dedicated to the Kingdom of Denmark.’ It was the motto of his rule, but no There is an explicit reference to God as is the tradition of the Danish monarchy.

Last Sunday, Frederick addressed the Danes as monarch. Given that the King of Denmark is both head of state and head of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, the royal family saw fit to clarify doubts in this regard. To this end, it has included on its website some of the king’s phrases that illustrate his apparent divine omissions. One of them is: “The power of faith does not lie in the mention of God in the King’s words, but in the connection we feel to one another as human beings through the Christian faith”. “It took over my life more than before,” he said in “Federico X,” his book about the Christian faith. 72% of the population is registered as a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, 55% of whom are female pastors. However, according to the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, less than 5% of Danes consider themselves very religious.

The book is signed by Danish author Jens Andersen, who published a biography of the then-Crown Prince in 2018. This time, his portrayal of the new monarch reflects his evolution, with the doubts of adolescence and the restlessness of young people faced with a fate like his, until he wears the crown with a semblance of calm. “I just wanted to be like other boys my age, and for years I didn’t want to call myself a king at all,” Federico X admitted to the writer. The son of Queen Margaret and the late Prince Henry, he began to think that turning 18 “was like the end of the world because everything that was fun and enjoyable ended.” “Fortunately, that’s not the case,” he Admit it on the title page.As a young man he was given the nickname turbineas his love of high-speed driving is evident, as is his love of partying.

On January 17, 2024, in a bookstore in Copenhagen, a woman was reading “Kongeord” (The King’s Word), a book about Frederick X written by Jens Andersen.
Niels Merwan (EFE)

He said he credits his mother and wife with his understanding of his role. “This time I became who I wanted to be,” he promised. “As King of Denmark I will work hard to develop this as well.” ” The royal website in turn emphasized this sentence. The king said of his wife, the Australian-born queen, that she was his “co-pilot” and that they were “full of energy” together and that he would marry her next May. Celebrating 20 years of marriage. In the weeks before Margrethe II announced her abdication, Danish tabloids reported that the then-prince visited Spain to meet Genova Casanova, the Duchess of Alba’s former daughter-in-law. The magazine in Spain Published photo reports Readingsand an episode that was not subject to royal comment because it was in the private domain.

On January 14, 2024, the newly crowned Danish King Frederick and Queen Mary kissed on the balcony of Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen.RITZAU SCANPIX, Denmark (Reuters)

The new monarchical era represented by Frederick and Mary of Denmark will be marked by their focus on environmental issues “as we wish to contribute to keeping the earth in good condition for future generations.” To this end, they propose “supporting conservation Nature, biodiversity and initiatives to combat climate change”. Another statement in the book sums up the commitment to starting work on an individual basis. It goes like this: “In many Western societies, the important question is: What can you do for me? Rarely does the reverse occur: What can I do for you?”

In the large number of announcement photos collected by the royal family, on the one hand, thousands of Danes poured into the streets of Copenhagen to greet the excited Frederick X; on the other hand, the royal couple held hands and waist-high on the balcony of the Danish Parliament . Video of the speech delivered from there shows their final kiss.

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