Free flu vaccinations also in pharmacies?

The “Coalition for Vaccination in Pharmacies” includes the National Program for Combating Influenza, the Supreme Pharmaceutical Chamber and the Trade Union of Pharmaceutical Workers. Yesterday, she wrote to the Minister of Health in response to his decision to allow free flu vaccinations for all adults. The coalition praised the decision, describing it as “beneficial to public health.” It will make vaccines be accepted by many more people (read also: After the decision of the Minister of Health, pharmacies may lose up to PLN 15,000).

At the same time, the coalition expressed concerns about the consequences of implementing such a solution, which will have to be borne by entities previously involved in the distribution and sale of vaccines.

– Offering the entire adult population free vaccines is a very good decision, but unfortunately it has a very significant impact on the entities that this year, in accordance with the applicable free market rules and reimbursement decisions, carried out vaccinated supplies and purchases – we read in the letter.

The coalition points out that the change in the rules of financial availability of vaccines for the majority of the population during the vaccination season puts economic entities offering vaccines (pharmacies, wholesalers) and vaccination services (medical facilities) in a very difficult business situation, which translates into large financial losses (read more: IMPORTANT: Free flu vaccination for all adults!).

– Several hundred thousand doses of flu vaccines have become an unsaleable product that will be stored in warehouses and then disposed of. This unpredictability of the introduced changes lowers trust in the authorities responsible for the health care system and raises – and so high for seasonal vaccination – business risk – we read in the letter.

According to its authors, this decision may also have a significant impact on their future involvement in building recommendations and promoting preventive vaccinations, as well as the implementation of new, important system solutions, such as vaccination of adults in pharmacies (read more: Free flu vaccines are a big problem for pharmacies).

How to solve this problem?

The “Coalition for Vaccination in Pharmacies” asks the Minister of Health to consider introducing 4 solutions that will minimize the negative impact of his decisions. These are:

  1. Maximum legislative and organizational acceleration of the implementation of influenza vaccination in pharmacies, so that pharmacies and pharmacists could join the vaccination campaign in December. According to the coalition, this solution will allow pharmacies to reduce losses thanks to additional vaccine revenues, and on the other hand, will offer patients wider access to vaccines.
  2. Enabling the introduction of vaccines already in wholesalers, pharmacies and medical facilities to the vaccination program by financing vaccines and vaccinations in these entities. Otherwise most of these doses will have to be destroyed, which will reduce the pool of doses of flu vaccines available to patients.
  3. Enabling pharmacists to write out reimbursed prescriptions for influenza vaccines, as part of the existing entitlement to pharmaceutical prescriptions for drugs saving the patient’s health and life (especially 75+)
  4. Organizing an intensive information campaign on television and public radio, as well as by pharmacies and clinics, aimed at encouraging the implementation of flu vaccinations.

– We are deeply convinced that the introduction of at least some of the above-mentioned The proposal may significantly increase the involvement of health care workers in vaccinations and, consequently, increase the vaccination coverage level, which will significantly reduce the number of serious illness and complications after influenza, as well as limit the transmission of the influenza virus among the whole society. – we read in the Coalition’s letter.

Experts point out that the peak fell ill with the flu still ahead of us – in January. December is therefore the last month when vaccinations should be made.

Source: ŁW /ZZPF

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