Free Wi-Fi in the car, the simple and effective way to get it at 0 cost

Many of us spend hours or whole days in the car which in this way ends up becoming a second home. Thinking of being able to enjoy all the comforts we have at home is perhaps too much. But at least Wi-Fi is important to have it, because it makes trips and commutes, whether short or long, much lighter.

Free wifi in the car –

Commuters who travel daily for work, so they always take the same boring journeythose who get stuck in traffic at least once a day, the mothers who have to wait for their children after school, know something.

In these moments, music can never be missing, as well as mobile phones and the Internet, the only possibilities for recreation. But how can you do without Wi-Fi in your car? Some of these activities without the internet are not possible. The problem must be solved immediately, let’s see how.

Wi-Fi here’s how to have it even in the car

To have Wi-Fi even in the car, just a few minutes and you don’t need to be a tech expert. If you are many and someone does not have internet on their mobile phone, just activate it from their smartphone and enable “tethering”. Once done, the data connection becomes a Wi-Fi connection which you can access using a password indicated by your device.

To do it, go to “settings“, Then on“ data use “, then on“ other ”, then activate“ tethering / portable hotspot “. Generally this is covered by a pre-established password, but it can be changed to make it easier to remember and to provide it on request to those traveling with us by car.

If you don’t want to use your own internet as this can be used for any other occasion or emergency, you can create one particular Wi-Fi network, with a portable router. In this case, unlike the personal network, several people can access at the same time, without being afraid of consumption. At least 10 or 20 users have free access.

If you travel frequently by bus this will always come in handy. Obviously it is not a gesture to be done for others but mainly for oneself because not only you go to save battery and internet of your smartphone but you can use it practically anywhere.

Wi-Fi –

Integrated Wi-Fi on new cars, here’s how it works and why it’s good

The problem does not arise for all who have a new car because in this case, they come out with built-in wifi. There is a receiver on the dashboard of new cars GSM where you go to insert a data sim card that allows you to receive the 4G signal.

It is a great convenience that overlooks modernity and that also solves many driving problems, for example the navigator. In this case, the updated maps are always available.

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