French team – Mbappe puts PSG and Real in his pocket!

What if Kylian Mbappe has everything calculated? At the end of his contract in June 2024, the PSG striker offers himself the opportunity to negotiate as best as possible, and in particular over his participation at the Paris Olympic Games.

, I always wanted to play in the Olympics. Now, it is not me who makes the decision, it is my employer who makes the decision., Eager to appear during the French team’s press conference to talk about his country, Kylian Mbappé was given a question combining his future with the transfer window and his selection. Even though he is a young talented player, the PSG striker is no longer old enough to be selected for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games with the Espoirs. However, there is no doubt that if he had the chance to join the French team he would be taken up. The Olympic legend is still very popular after the Euros, even though football is not recognized as a major event and it does not allow the world’s best players to compete against each other. gives. However, with a schedule in Paris, many stars like Antoine Griezmann dream of being able to play in this tournament.

Olympics a priority, Real and PSG have been warned

But as Kylian Mbappe explained, it is up to the club to take a decision on this possibility or not. However, in relation to the top scorer in PSG history, he has an advantageous position that allows him to negotiate this part of his contract. Indeed, according to Defensa Central, the possibility of playing at the Olympics is part of discussions with Real Madrid should his contract come to an end next summer. Even, apart from financial considerations, this would be the first point placed by Mbappé on his possible future contract, assures the Spanish newspaper. There is no doubt that this point will also come up for discussion if PSG ever manage to sit down at the negotiating table for a potential extension.

Due to his strong position, Kylian Mbappé offers himself the possibility of competing at the Olympic Games if he negotiates his future well. However, it will be an interesting impasse to follow, because if, for example, an agreement is reached with Real, it would mean that the Spanish club would not recover its star recruitment before the month of September, the Olympians tournament ends. Happening. August 10, and Mbappé essentially had to take a few weeks off after a long season. A sacrifice that Real would still be willing to make if it ensures the signing of an attacker that they have been pursuing for years. What to do to make everyone happy?

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