Fridays for the future, the 24 April strike global online: “we Will make our voice heard on the social climate”

How can we change the world from a room? And’ the question for a few weeks, you are laying the tidal green, the guys from the strike for the climate, the parents, the teachers, the citizens of the world by now more than a year, inspired by the young activist, Swedish Greta Thunbergactively participated in the initiatives of the movement Fridays For the Future, a strike Friday to demand justice for climate and responses by the powerful.

Coronavirus, the letter of the Fridays for the Future: “Dear Italy, please listen to us, the solution is in the environment”

The fight for the climate does not stop

Like all of them, forced by the pandemic coronavirus to stay in isolation for over a month the boys of the climate have had to reinvent their form of protest, making itself felt through social networks and on the web. Greta has dictated the line, inviting every Friday to continue the strike virtual with signs and pictures posted on social. Of course, does not have the same impact of the millions of young people came down to protest in the streets around the Planet, but it is the only possible way “to continue the climactic battle, because we can’t afford not to fight,” he says Republic Federica Gasbarrostudent of biological sciences and activist Fridays For Future last year, just at the side of Greta, attended the Youth Climate Summit at the Un.

Coronavirus, pollution, a decrease of 45% in Madrid, Rome and Milan. Of the 54% in Paris

With the pandemic ongoing, you are are also positive aspects such as the decrease in emissions, but the guys from the climate fear is ‘ only temporary. Without strategies, as happened during the economic crises of the past, you are likely to rise after the end of the epidemic, and continue with an economy based on fossil fuels,” says Gasbarro.

The strike global on the Network

The effects of global warming, the rise of the temperature up to the acidification of the oceans and loss of biodiversity, will not, in fact, to be dealt with “without concrete action and global policy”. For this, the 24th of April, shortly after the 50th Day of the Earth, there will be a new large global strike, a general strike that will be totally online and lived through different hashtags such as #DigitalStrike or #ClimateStrikeOnline.

Coronavirus, environment: the Cop26 postponed to 2021

“The aim – says Gasbarro is to not stop. We are reorganizing, moving the battle on social and online, coordinandoci with the tools that we now use all, as the shareholders ‘ meetings on Zoom. Go from the square the real to the virtual is not easy, but we believe that we can make still hear our voices. The 24 April strike online will be co-ordinated and simultaneous in the whole world, I am sure that we will be able to make us feel”. A strike to ask the powerful of this world, who have recently decided for the postponement of the Cop26 of Glasgow, never to retreat in the fight against the climate crisis, transforming the tragedy of the pandemic in an opportunity to redesign the future.

Coronavirus, Greta Thunberg in self-imposed isolation: “I have the symptoms of Covid-19”

While Greta remains in isolation in Sweden, after having told of having had symptoms similar to those of the Covid 19 but have not made the buffer, in Italy the young people of FFF have already written a letter to the institutions for a change of pace. A letter with proposals aimed to a sustainable economic recovery where “the ecological transition will be the brain and the heart of this resurgence: the starting point for a revolution of our whole system”.

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