Friends, after years the revelation of a prof: “They diagnosed me with a serious illness and …”

The story of one of the professors of the most famous school on TV; from Friends to the casual discovery of the disease

The school of Friends it has kept us company for many years and the stories that have alternated within its walls have fascinated all the numerous viewers. Between loves, friendships, rivalries and disagreements, both among students and teachers, every year the successful format of Maria De Filippi churns out some new proposals that make its way.

Friends – Solospettacolo

But even among the ranks of professors, as mentioned, many happen. And they too are alternate over the years for various reasons; some staying in the heart more than others, regrets from the kids and beyond.

Love between school desks

How can we forget the singing teacher Luca Pitteri? Sitting in front of the desks for six years, until 2007, perhaps not everyone knows that he married one of the former students, Bridget Hunter, and together they had Joel. Despite the 11-year difference between the two, the story is booming.

About her he said in an interview some time ago: “Yes, I found love. I met Brigida, a student of the fifth edition of “Amici”. An extraordinary singer, with very high human, technical and artistic material. And now she is my wife, as well as being the mother of my son Joel ”.

Adding a painful detail: “And then, it came in a difficult time for me, as I had discovered that I had a serious illness, and she assisted me and then remained by my side. I did not think, due to chemotherapy, that I could have children, or in any case I had been warned that it would be difficult. But some time later my baby was born and it was a gift, really. An unexpected gift “.

Luca Pitteri and his illness

What disease it is is easy to understand, Luca later told Europacolon how he learned of it, and although a few years have passed, it is fair to remember: “I didn’t have any symptoms !! I simply did some exams that I have always forced myself to do with a certain regularity … AND I SAVED MY LIFE. I underwent an operation and after 12 chemotherapy cycles I tried to inform myself as deeply as possible about the relationships between diseases and lifestyle (nutrition, motor activity, stress). I discovered a lot of fundamental things that I either ignored or at least underestimated ”.

Luca Pitteri Amici- Solospettacolo
Luca Pitteri- Solospettacolo

Luckily Luca is fine today but, in the interview he warns: “So let’s give destiny a hand. PREVENTION and INFORMATION are at the heart of the battle against cancer (and any other disease). Laziness and fear can be extremely dangerous for our health and sometimes fatal for our life ”.

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