Friends as before: the ex who buried the hatchet

Among the many questions that govern our existence and for which it is almost impossible to find an answer that is universally considered right, there is one that is really close to my heart: “Does friendship exist between man and woman?”. In other words (and more inclusive): “Is there a friendship between two people who could potentially end up in bed together?”. The question is anything but trivial: on the other hand, even if the Accademia della Crusca takes the trouble to provide an explanation at the end friend zone (literally: “friendship zone”; practically: “you are my friend and between having sex with you and chastity for life I choose the second”), it means that a sexually disinterested relationship, after all, really does not exist . Unless the aforementioned couple has already ended up in bed, in some cases even getting married, reproducing nonetheless and ultimately breaking up. So yes, I believe that this kind of friendship can exist. Provided that one good thing is done between the first-friends-and-then-ex: bury the hatchet.

Bruce and Demi

First on the list, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore are the example of two former spouses who have decidedly burying the hatchet in favor of a truly enviable friendship. They met in July 1987 in Los Angeles, married in November in Beverly Hills and gave birth to three daughters within seven years. Then the divorce, after rumors of infidelity (some claim it was polyamory) of both, but no hard feelings. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Bruce says “I still love Demi” and “Our friendship continues.” And, indeed, so it is. So much so that both invite each other to their respective subsequent marriages (even if Demi’s with Ashton Kutcher is shipwrecked), even sharing a four-week lockdown together in April 2020. What’s more, with pajamas matchy-matchy for the whole extended family. Until, last September, Demi lei publishes a post on Instagram where she communicates that Bruce suffers from aphasia and that their family is strong and united. And here is how you can get divorced, continuing as friends to trust that vow that she says: “In good times and bad, in health and in sickness.”

Brad and Jennifer

What’s more Hollywood than a first date agreed upon by their respective managers? This is the case of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, who married in 2000, but already five years later they break the hearts of millions of people with a statement: “We are separating”. From that moment on, the two go straight on, each on his own path, along which there are engagements, half a dozen children, separations. 2017, the year of the return: but in friendship. US Weekly reveals that Brad got in touch with Jen to write her birthday wishes and two years later, she invites him to the exclusive party for her 50’s. At that point, it’s clear that things are quiet. Just look at their understanding at the 2020 SAG Awards where, between laughter and body language (eh), someone sees us malice. Nothing more wrong: People confirms that the two “are friends and happy for each other”, and that “she’s happy to have Brad back in her life as a friend, but that’s it.” The last episode to confirm is what happens to one live reading (and on Zoom) of the movie script Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Out of mind), during the lockdown of September 2020. Brad and Jen read a sexy dialogue between two protagonists, and while all the connected actors giggle, the web weaves romantic plots. All this, however, only confirms what he always reported a few months earlier US. And that is, “there is nothing romantic between Brad and Jen. In fact, they both find it hilarious that fans are so obsessed with getting back together. ” In fact, to date, this has not been the case.

Brad and Gwyneth

More love, another friendly race for Brad Pitt. Who, before meeting Jennifer, had a relationship from 1994 to 1997 with the then 20-year-old (or a little more) Gwyneth Paltrow, known on the set of Seven. The two are very close, so much so that Brad proposes to Gwyneth after two years, only to give up a few months later (and we know how Brad’s story goes on). We no longer talk about the two, on the contrary, we just forget, at least until January 2020, when Gwyneth gives an interview to Harper’s Bazaar in which she claims to be “friends with Brad Pitt”. Which she finds confirmation (and that she confirms!) Only a few days ago, when she in an interview published on the site of GoopGwyneth’s brand, she jokes that she “finally found that Brad I was supposed to marry, it just took me twenty years (her current husband is called Brad Falchuk, nda) », while he blocks every romantic fantasy with a« it’s nice to have you as a friend today ». And down to saying that each other an “I love you”, which is not the “I love you” that the Italian media reported. Rather, “I love you.”

Angelina, Jonny and Billy Bob

Before becoming the wife (but certainly not the friend) of Brad Pitt, in 2005 Angelina Jolie had already registered two marriages in her love list: the first, the one with Jonny Lee Miller, met on the set of Hackers in 1995; the second, the one with Billy Bob Thornton, this time thanks to the set of False track, in 1999. Married to Jonny from 1996 to 1997 and to Billy Bob from 2000 to 2003, Angelina is the testimony that you can have flash marriages and then become friends again as before. Perhaps by writing a preface to their book, as happened in 2012 with Thornton’s autobiography. Or more simply by giving an interview to BuzzFeed admitting that Jonny Lee Miller is “still a great friend”.

Sean and Madonna

They meet on the set of Material Girl in February 1985, they marry in August of the same year, in December 1988 they divorced. Here is the short and turbulent story of the coolest couple of the Eighties: Madonna and Sean Penn. The two ex who between complaints for domestic violence (but then withdraw it) by her and admissions of guilt (“I was vain and I drank too much”) by him, still profess to be great friends. So much so that in 2016, from the stage of the charity event of the Sean Penn and Friends association, Madonna says: “Sean, I love you from the first moment I set my eyes on you, and I still love you the same way” . While from the armchairs of the Late Night Show two years later he echoes her: «I love my first wife very much, there is nothing comparable».

Tim and Helena

I don’t know about you, but when I think of Tim Burton I can’t help but think of Helena Bonham Carter too. They met in 2001 on the set of Planet of the Apes, the two most extravagant names in 90 / 00s cinema start a relationship that never sees them reach the altar (which is more unique than rare). After thirteen years, two children and two separate but close houses, here is the separation in 2014, which Helena talks about in the cover of Harper’s Bazaar 2016. And while he admits that in the months immediately following the breakup with Tim he would have liked to have the sticker on his forehead “Handle with care”, here he comes back to the present: “We really get along quite well. I understand him very well and he understands me. It may be easier to work together without being together anymore. Each time he writes to me with great embarrassment ». They are still people of the cinema, huh.

Cameron and Justin

As for (almost) all relationships in the spotlight, even for Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake the breakup occurs due to the difficulties in reconciling the work commitments of both. Or at least so they say in 2007, when they have four years of love behind them that have seen them very united since the first lightning strike to Kids’ Choice Awards of 2003. However, we have seen that not all separations come to harm, not even on the red carpet: and in fact, Cameron and Justin only a few months later do several together, for the launch of the film Shrek 3. Matters of a contract or an ex on good terms? Maybe both. On the other hand (and as reported by People) they had said: “We ended our relationship, and we did it reciprocally and as friends, with love and continuous respect for each other.” Which must be true, if in 2011 they tour together Bad Teacher. And if there are those who, close to the couple, already said at the time they saw them well together, at this point better as good friends.

Emma and Andrew

Legend has it that, if you play Spider-Man, you end up getting engaged with the pink quota on duty. So it was for forerunners Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, so it is today for Tom Holland and Zendaya. In between, so were Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, the convict on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man of 2011, where the two work together and start dating. This goes on for four years, until 2015 US Weekly reveals that, behind the breakup, is the physical and psychological stress of Andrew’s role in Silence by Martin Scorsese. Maybe. The fact is that Andrew and Emma are not two who bury the hatchet, simply because the ax is not there. The proof is all in the words of Andrew a Vanity Fair in 2017, after Emma’s Golden Globe win with La La Land: «We care a lot for each other, and this is a fact, an absolute feeling. There is so much love and so much respect between us. I’m her biggest fan, so it was a joy for me to be able to witness her success and watch her become the actress that she is. ‘ There were some ex like that.

Jim and Jenny

Speaking of loving exes, what about what Jim Carrey does to Jenny McCarthy’s autistic son Evan? Jim had the opportunity to bond with Evan between 2005 and 2010, that is, during the years of his relationship with Jenny. Things are going so well that as soon as the couple announces the breakup, Evan feels the backlash, which also leads Jenny to point the finger at Jim, accusing him of turning her back on the baby. It seems to throw badly, but the thing is resolved anyway and, indeed, still today there is no opportunity for Jim to show his affection to Jenny, and Jenny to Jim. Him, carrying out the interest and funding of funds to support autistic children; her, defending him in 2014 in an argument with Shia LaBeouf, who accuses Jim of not being a good father. And Jenny does, with something that sounds like, “Jim and I have been friends since we broke up. He is a loving father. And he now he hands off our family. “

Naomi and Liev

Children: what binds you forever to the partner with whom, in the loving idyll, you have decided to bring them into the world. And for whom, among the now ex, it is good to maintain good relations. A bit like one of the most enduring couples in Hollywood teaches us: Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber. Love at first sight happens at the 2005 Met Gala, which opens the doors to love and parenting, with Alexander Pete born in 2008 and Samuel Kai in 2009. Children become the center of Naomi and Liev’s life, even if they don’t. they can do nothing against the breakup of their parents in 2016, leaving them on more than friendly terms. So much so that they go out in four with their new respective partners – Billy Crudup and Taylor Neisen -, even photographing themselves at the ceremony of graduation of the now thirteen year old Kai. All this to then share the shot on Instagram complete with a hashtag that is worth a thousand words: #modernfamily.

Lisa and Jason

Together from 2005 and married from 2017 to 2022, Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet are the newest case of exes who don’t harbor a grudge, remaining good friends. Not surprising, considering that Lisa had already demonstrated this admirable ability of her by continuing her friendship with Lenny Kravitz, her first husband and father of their only daughter Zoë. Having met in a jazz club in 2005, Jason and Lisa have been a steady couple for seventeen years, becoming parents twice (for Lisa it is the third, detail) and demonstrating that love goes beyond the age difference (other detail). Then the announcement of the breakup last January, followed by rumors about certain discontent between the two or, on the contrary, about their return of the flame. Until on the red carpet of the Oscars last March, interviewed by Access Hollywood, Jason cuts short by summarizing their entire past and present relationship with a sentence that silences anyone: «Let’s not get back together. We are a family”.

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