“Friends”. Jennifer Aniston and David Shimmer are a couple? A fan’s dream is finally coming true

Jennifer Aniston and David Shwimmer created one of the most-loved couples in television history on the screen. And as it turns out, the series pair is supposed to connect with something more also in real life.

As reported by the magazine “Closer”, the actors, after recording a special episode “Friends: Meeting After Years”, were to start spending more time with each other. After all, it was during the program that they decided to tell about the feeling they had in common. To the surprise of the fans, the actors unanimously admitted that in the past they were infatuated with each other not only on the screen.

Jennifer Aniston and David Shwimmer are having an affair?

– At one point we were both in love, but we were like two ships passing each other. One of us has always been in a relationship. And we never crossed that line. We respected that, ‘Shwimmer admitted honestly.

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However, everything indicates that the feeling that arose between the actors on the set of the series revived after many years. “After the show, it became clear that the memories had triggered forgotten feelings in both of them, and that the chemistry they had always had to ignore was still between them. They started writing to each other right after the tapes, and last month David left New York, where he lives to visit Jennifer in LA, a close acquaintance of the actors reports to Closer.

The couple had also been seen in one of Aniston’s favorite vineyards, where they “walked in conversation”.

Actors’ spokesmen, however, deny the rumors of the affair so far.

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