“Friends”. Jennifer Aniston cuddles up to David Schwimmer. Odyy old feelings?

Series “Friends” at the end of May returned after 17 years with a special episode. In front of the cameras, David Schwimmer confirmed the rumors circulating for years that he felt a mint to Jennifer Aniston during the filming of the first seasons. The relationship between the series’ Ross and Rachel was one of the main threads in the series. It seems that on the set of the special episode, the couple got closer to each other again. A romantic photo of the main actors appeared on the network.

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“Friends”. Jennifer Aniston cuddles up to David Schwimmer. Old feelings revived?

David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston, like the heroes they played on “Friends”, had a “hiatus” that came when they ended the sitcom after 10 years. Even though the six friends on the set met privately from time to time, rumors continued that Jen and David were made for each other and should become a couple.

A real treat for the fans was the actor’s confession in the special episode. He confirmed that during the filming of the first seasons, a feeling was born between him and Aniston. However, for the sake of working together, they decided to nip them in the bud, for fear of breaking up and spoiling the great atmosphere. As reported by the portal “New Idea”, old feelings revived between Aniston and Schwimmer. The proof is a photo posted on InstaStories of the actor, in which Jennifer hugs him. The actress looks happy and David looks straight into the lens.

David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston are a couple?David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston are a couple? Photo: Instagram / _schwim_

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Jennifer Aniston, like David Schwimmer, had no luck in love. The actress, after a loud divorce from Brad Pitt, became involved with Justin Theroux, but after more than two years they announced their separation. Schwimmer married Zoë Buckman, but after ten years they decided to part ways. Currently, they are both single and maybe after many years they will decide to give each other a chance for a relationship – which would surely please many fans of the series.

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