“Friends”: Jennifer Aniston has an affair with David Schwimmer

Tabloids have been writing about the emotional life of the stars of “Przyjaciół” and “The Morning Show” for years. Rumors and speculation about Aniston’s subsequent romance have escalated since she divorced Justin Theroux three years ago. The media then began to report that the Golden Globe winner established a close relationship with her first husband, Brad Pitt, years later, and some websites even argued that the couple had become engaged. In recent months, she was associated with David Schwimmer, with whom she played years ago in the series “Friends”.

Aniston is apparently tired of the publicity surrounding her love life. In a recent interview with People, she said that she would prefer her new partner not to work in Hollywood. When asked if she believed in the success of relationships between public figures and those unrelated to the world of show business, she replied shortly: “Of course.” And she added that she herself dreams of meeting a man on his way who has nothing to do with the film or television industry. “Such relationships work. I hope that I will also meet someone not necessarily related to the entertainment industry. It would be really nice” – admitted the star.

Aniston also decided to deny rumors about her affair with her former set colleague David Schwimmer. “When I heard that, I couldn’t really believe it. I was amazed. He is like a brother to me! Although I must admit that I understand these theories to some extent. They show that people want their fantasies and dreams to come true.” she stated.

Aniston told about her approach to dating in June. The star then revealed that she does not use popular applications because she is traditional when it comes to meeting new people. “I’m going to continue to stick to the classic ways of dating guys. I go on a date when someone invites me,” the actress told People.

And she added that marriage is not currently on her list of life priorities. “I am interested in finding a fantastic partner and having an ordinary, pleasant life full of fun. That’s basically everything I hope for. It does not have to be carved in stone, written in legal documents” – she emphasized.

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