Fringe, even in summer we can’t do without it: all the #inspo from celebs

Let’s face it, no styling favors the desire to change more than fringe. The Hamlet dilemma is always the same: to cut yes or no? Because, let’s face it, on the one hand we are irresistibly tempted, on the other we are afraid of making a big mistake. Especially now that temperatures have never been so high and that grandmother’s voice echoes in your head: never think about getting bangs in the summer, a season that par excellence recalls the bare forehead.

The “problem” is that, shaking off Instagram and TikTok, the coolest celebs of the moment show it all off. And, then, in defiance of the rules of beauty of the past, let’s feel free to give it a cut and experiment with it fringe version that we like the most. That the trend is on the rise, despite the heat, is also confirmed by Francesca Ragone, make-up artist, hairstylist, lookmaker and founder of the Beyouty brand: “This year we are witnessing the big bang backAn “accessory” that characterizes a cut or a hairstyle but which, being a style detail, must be created in a workmanlike manner, above all respecting the harmony of the traits and personality of the wearer ».

Bangs, the most desired is that of Bella Hadid

The inspirations are many and, as we said, they all come from the stars. Starting with Bella Hadid sporting one now soft and frayed bangs to frame her face that looks like a DIY cut. The certainty at the moment is that seeing her we all yearned for her bangs. «Bella for this summer she has chosen to wear it short, more or less at the height of the eyebrows and pulled out in order to give her the possibility of creating various styles according to the drying. This type of fringe, very light, which leaves the gaze free, is also perfect for fine hair and is very versatile and therefore suitable for all ages ”, suggests Ragone.

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