from 14 October you can have a discount of 4,000 euros


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Money Saving Bonus

New discount for the purchase of electric or hybrid cars at the start. From 14 October until 11 November it is possible to apply for the new Car Bonus to replace an old owned vehicle. Just meet certain requirements and apply to book your contribution by November 11, 2022. Here’s what it is and how to apply.

New discount for the purchase of electric or hybrid cars at the start. From 14 October to 11 November it is possible to request the new Bonus to replace the old car. Just meet certain requirements and apply for book the contribution by 11 November 2022. Let’s see immediately what it is and how to apply.

Italians now at the end of their strength from an economic point of view. The huge increases caused by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine are making themselves felt more and more.

Lhe increase in raw materials and the increase in the price of natural gas are having major repercussions on family budgetsespecially following the closure of the Nord stream 1 gas pipeline.

Many Italian families are seriously considering switching to electric or hybrid cars to counter the expensive fuel. The data of a recent research, they are all in favor of this choice because they highlight how the use of an electric car saves over 1,000 euros annually for the same distance.

In the analysis, the average annual consumption was compared of a petrol car with an electric car powered by the energy of photovoltaic panels.

The data collected lead to a surprising result: an electric car driver spends an average of 0.84 cents of € / km compared to that to those who use a traditional car whose cost is around aglthe 11.76 cents of € / km. A saving of about 1,000 euros per year and which makes the electric car 14 times cheaper than one with a traditional power supply.

In Italy, charging an electric car through the use of a photovoltaic system is 14 times cheaper than refueling a traditional petrol car.

This analysis, along with other advantages offered by the use of electric carsprompted an Italian municipality to provide funds to incentivize the purchase of electric or hybrid cars that can be combined with the state Ecobonus.

Let’s find out which municipality we are talking about and how to access the new 4,000 euro car bonus.

New car bonus? Not everyone knows: from 14 October you can have a discount of 4,000 euros

In addition to the eco-bonus provided by the Draghi Government, many Italian municipalities are promoting various initiatives to support Italian citizens eager to buy hybrid and electric cars.

In particular, the Municipality of Terni with a resolution of the municipal council has prepared starting from 14 October 2022 the opening of the call for the disbursement of a 4,000 car bonus for the replacement of polluting vehicles and the purchase of low environmental impact vehicles.

This is a loan of 103 thousand euros divided into Vouchers of 4,000 euros for the purchase of low environmental impact cars which will be disbursed only following the scrapping of a polluting vehicle.

Specifically, the beneficiaries of the new contribution that provides a discount of 4,000 euros are the residents of the Municipality of Terni and in the Municipality of Narni.

The same must proceed with the purchase of one electric or hybrid car, M1 of first registration or already registered in the year 2021 for private use only and scrapping petrol or diesel vehicles Euro 0, Euro 1, Euro 3, Euro 4.

In order to access the car bonus, i.e. the non-repayable contribution up to a maximum of 4,000 euros, the requirements must be met at the time of submitting the application and maintained until the request for liquidation of the facility itself.

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€ 4,000 bonus for the purchase of electric cars: which vehicles to buy

Families residing in the municipality of Terni will be able to take advantage of the new car bonus starting from 14 October and Narni must purchase or have purchased a battery or battery electric car with range extender (BEV with REX).

The discount, on the other hand, is lowered to 3,000 euros for the purchase of electric hybrid cars plug-in petrol (PHEV) and full hybrid petrol electric hybrid with engine capacity not exceeding 2000 cc and with maximum net power of the electric motor ≥ 30 kW.

The eligible expenses may have been incurred starting from 1 October 2021while the scrapping date must be equal to or later than 1 October 2021.

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4,000 euro car bonus, how to apply

The discount of up to 4,000 euros offered by the Car Bonus for the purchase of electric or hybrid vehicles si will have to book online a starting from 14 October and until 11 November 2022 by accessing the computer application that will be made available by the Municipality of Terni in a special section.

The application, which can be filled in online, must contain personal dataan e-mail address on which to receive all communications relating to the announcement, a telephone number, the number plate of the car to be scrapped (or which has already been scrapped) and the type of vehicle that has been purchased, or which is intended to be purchased .

The 4,000 euro car bonus can be combined with various state incentives activated to increase sustainable mobility.

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