from 19 to 35 million, Conte curries him and exalts him

Among the fans of his former Italian team, on January 31 of this year, many rejoiced and very much for his sale. Among the fans of his current English team, on January 31 of this year, many had questioned each other, looking at each other with suspicion, at the time of his purchase. Well, 9 months later Rodrigo Bentancur proved to the former that they were wrong, and how they were wrong, and to the latter that their anxiety was unmotivated. Totally unmotivated. Bentancur has taken Tottenham and this is a fact, undeniable, incontrovertible and which is there for all to see: brought order to the Spurs midfield, and not from today. The fresh news is instead that, thanks also to the care of Antonio Conte, El Uru has also become relentless in front of goal, revealing a flair for goals worthy of an authentic striker even if, by profession, he is not an attacker.

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Champions, Furia Conte: expelled for protests after the goal canceled at Tottenham

The care of the goal

For references, contact Danny Ward, Leicester’s number one, Antonio Adán Garrido, Sporting Clube do Portugal goalkeeper, who was pierced in the Champions League last Wednesday, and Mark Travers, Bournemouth’s extreme defender, purged Saturday afternoon in full injury time, in the recovery minutes, in short. All three were very heavy goals: the first to sign the advantage in the goal party against the Foxes, the second to keep the Londoners alive in a Champions League Group D where balance reigns and in which the Spurs will have to visit, in the hell of the Vélodrome, at Marseille on the last day; the third to ensure that Tottenham does not lose further contact from the Arsenal-Man City duo that precedes them in the Premier League standings. The prolific goal in the goal area is a symptom of an almost total confidence and a splendid physical form: with the Spurs he has already scored 3 goals in 39 games, surpassing the personal record of achievements with the Juventus shirt. At the time of the Juventus militancy, he needed 133 games to score 2 goals. In the 51 matches played in the Argentine Superlga with the Boca Juniors shirt, however, the Uruguayan scored only once.

Growth (even in value) and represses

Cold and decisive when shooting at goal, perfect metronome of the median: when you give the ball to him it’s like putting it in the bank. Of course, sometimes Bentancur also happened to take some cazziatone, to be the recipient of the screams and reprimands of Conte from the bench. No shock, no fear: everyone can make mistakes. Everyone, every now and then, has to register to stay on excellent standards: it also happened in El Uru. He was able to start from the lessons of the Italian coach, he managed to use them to grow, to become an essential element of the team, one you would never want to give up. And he also pleased his coach, risking giving him a heart attack after the 3-2 with which he signed the sack of the Vitality Stadium, forcing the Cherries to raise the white flag. “I thought I could have a heart attack with two goals disallowed in a few days – said Conte -. So I stayed calm and waited for the referee’s decision. I don’t want to think about what my mood would have been like if we had lost the Bournemouth game. For us it was a fundamental victory, especially after two consecutive defeats against Man United and Newcastle. At half-time I told the players that the time had come when they had to take on their responsibilities. Evidently the speech was useful: in the second half we started to play badly, with the desire to hurt the opponent. I saw in the eyes of my players the desire to triumph: looking at them I realized that they had decided to win“. Rodrigo Bentancur convinces and pushes his team to victory: Fabio Paratici and the managers of the London club, who in the 25-year-old champion of Nueva Helvecia, in the department of Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay, have always believed, they rub their hands with great enjoyment. The investment rises: the 19 million plus 6 of variable bonuses paid on January 31 to Juventus have already become 35 and are in danger of growing even if the number 30 of Tottenham Hotspur will be able to make an impact, to leave his brand, even at the World Cup which will begin in mid-November in Qatar, where he will have to face Ghana, South Korea and Portugal with Celeste. He wants to amaze again, El Uru Bentancur: to make you take back, this time for ever, grumbles, criticisms and doubts. With geometry, his dynamism and his ability in interdiction, which has always been his arts, and now also to the sound of goals.

With you: "Vital victory with Bournemouth.  Now head to Marseille"

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Conte: “Vital victory with Bournemouth. Now head to Marseille”

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