From 2022, sickness under new rules

With the change of the year, a law came into force that introduces several changes to the sickness benefit. From 1 January, the rules for counting the length of the “sick” have changed. Currently, regardless of the type of disease, all sick leaves add up, unless there is a break of more than 60 days between them.

An insured person may receive sickness benefit during the year not longer than 182 days or 270 – when incapacity for work is caused by tuberculosis or occurs during pregnancy.

– Until the end of last year, our sick leaves that the patient received for the same disease were summed up, i.e. it was the so-called continuation of treatment. It was different with various diseases, i.e. when EZLA was issued by a doctor to another disease entity – the benefit period was calculated anew – explains Wojciech Dyląg- regional ZUS spokesman in Podkarpacie. Currently, it does not matter what we are ill with, because all the leaves between which there is no 60-day break add up to one benefit period – he adds.

The Ombudsman ensures that a person who has used the entire 182 days of sickness benefit and is still incapable of work, will be able to apply for a rehabilitation benefit for maximum 12 months. It is due to a person who continues to be ill, but is likely to regain ability to work as a result of further treatment or rehabilitation

The amendment to the act also clarified the provisions on improper use of sick leaves. The Act leaves no doubt that a person who was working on sick leave, instead of getting medical treatment, must return the illegally received sickness benefit. Such a rule had been in place before, but is now entered into the law.

– On the other hand, I deny the reports appearing in the media that we were going to obtain information about our customers from mobile operators or banks. The new regulations do not give us such rights. – I also assure you that our employees will not ask neighbors about how someone spends the time devoted to treatment, because they have many more effective and reliable tools to check whether someone is properly taking the leave – informs the spokesman.

The act, on the other hand, contains issues related to the provision of information to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). From January 1, 2022, the Social Insurance Institution is entitled to obtain data and information to the extent necessary to determine the right to benefits, their amount, calculation basis and their payments from the insured and contribution payers.

The new provision is to be an effective tool that will contribute to obtaining from the payers of contributions and the insured persons the data necessary for granting the right and payment of the “sickness” or their verification. This is the case, for example, when a person employed by two employers is ill. ZUS will be able to obtain information whether someone using sick leave in one company was not working for another employer at the same time.

The new year also “introduced” a positive change for pregnant women, who are entitled to maternity benefits also when they give birth to a child after termination of employment, if the insurance ended during pregnancy due to the death of the employer.

Source: ZUS Jasło

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