From Anitta to Emicida: 5 Brazilian artists who entered the games


In 2019, DJ Alok was one of the first Brazilian artists to have a presentation within a game like Free Fire

Upon being announced as a new game character Free FireLast week, the singer anita joined the list of Brazilian artists who took part in some action within immersive games. This type of performance has been increasingly frequent and has become a trend, especially due to the reach and connection with the new audiences that games allow. Free Fire, Fortnite and Avakin Life are just some of the examples of games that have already had the participation of musicians and bands.

Globally, rapper Travis Scott’s performance at Fortnite, in early 2020, became an example of the success that mixing games and entertainment can cause. In addition, other names like Ariana Grande also performed within the same game. At the end of April, Emicida’s presentation at Fortnite marked a new phase of the platform’s investment in music, especially since the project, called Ondas Sonoras, also includes artists from other nationalities.

Below are some recent examples:

Anitta, the “mistress” of Free Fire

Last week, Free Fire, one of the most downloaded mobile games in the world in 2021, according to App Annie, closed a partnership with singer Anitta that includes the singer’s participation in various moments of the game. According to Garena, the game’s publisher, in addition to surprises and challenges for players, the event will feature an exclusive song by Anitta that will be the theme of the campaign. “The public will still be able to play with Anitta herself, who arrives as the character A Patroa in the Free Fire universe”, says the company. The entire creative process of the collaboration, both the character and the music, had the direct participation of Anitta, explains Garena. The deal was brokered by TFTW, paiN Gaming’s influencer agency.

Emicida in Fortnite

At the end of April, rapper Emicida was the first Brazilian artist to have a show on the platform. The Ondas Somoras project, which has been under development for more than eight months, was co-created by the Lab Fantasma team and Epic Games, involving the creative design of the presentation environment and also the dissemination and communication carried out by the Druid Gaming agency. The show took place within the Festa Royale mode in the game, where even movie presentations have already been made. Onda Sonora has also had artists such as Egyptian singer Mohamed Hamaki and Australian DJ Tones and I. Before that, Ariana Grande had also performed in the game.

Rael at Avakin Life

In July 2020, singer Rael performed his song Beijo B in a virtual concert held at Avakin Life. Platform that mixes game and immersive reality where interaction between users is allowed. The game has more than 2 million users in Brazil alone. “It’s really cool to be able to show my work on a new platform like a game and expanding the possibility of bringing entertainment to people,” Rael said at the time.

DJ Alok no Free Fire

DJ Alok was one of the first Brazilian artists to perform in a game. A Free Fire fan, he performed in-game in 2019 and got his own avatar. Alok’s character can even be acquired by players through a partnership between Garena, developer, and the artist. At various other times in 2020 and 2021 Alok returned to the game.

Giulia Be at Avakin Life

Like Alok, singer Giulia Be was one of the first Brazilian artists to perform in a game like Free Fire. The show was held in 2019 and featured two songs performed between Friday and Sunday so users could watch at any time. In four hours of presentation, about 50 thousand people watched the artist.

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