from Bella Hadid to Kendall Jenner the nineties style trend goes wild

Revival of the 90s, a trend that is back in vogue in the historical courses and appeals of style. But it’s not just about the new proposals seen on the catwalk during the various fashion weeks, this time fashion is on everyone’s eyes. Influencers, actresses and top models with millions of followers on Instagram know this well, who have dusted off the glorious Nineties from the drawer of memory and, in particular, the trend of “skinny brows“, the very thin eyebrows that almost resemble the shape of a seagull’s wings.

The fans of the trend

And if for a long time, on social media, the real revolution was to bring them thick, Cara Delevingne docet, the queen of the web Chiara Ferragni has not given up on “bold brows” that adapt perfectly to her face. Recently, however, the supermodel Bella Hadid seems to have brought back the typical aesthetics of the last decade of the last century, framing the eyes with less voluminous and femme fatale eyebrows, which create that timeless allure of a silent film star.

In fact, thanks to the tweezers at hand, already Kate Moss, the “Black Venus” Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Angelina Jolie and numerous other Hollywood stars had learned the beauty secret when the newbies of beauty make-up and retouching still didn’t they were still experimenting with innovative looks on their faces. Among pencils to draw them avoiding unwatchable asymmetries, the cosmetic use of henna and microblading, a technique that through a tattoo adds a semi-permanent pigment to the skin.

Following the natural lines with the aim of not overdoing it, Gen Z appreciates the must and the return of a love that has also hit the heart of Lila Grace Moss, who follows in the footsteps of her mother Kate, Kendall Jenner and Iris Law, daughter by actor Jude. More or less arched, elongated and accentuated, it is important that the eyebrows adapt harmoniously and proportionately to the oval with that “nature” game that should not distort the features but enhance them. Without forgetting that, in the beginning, the Spice Girls were also the ones who dictated the rules in terms of make-up. Imitated by countless fans around the world who copied at the same time the minimal silhouette of the eyebrow arch, the latter did not completely cover the eyelid on which it was possible to have fun with infinite shades of eye shadows, illuminating the complexion and, often, generating a fake lifting effect.

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