From bugs to drug traffickers: This is the hierarchy of Puerto Rico’s drug gangs

Over the years, state and federal authorities They follow the trail of a dangerous and bloody criminal organization spreading terror across the land. Puerto Ricoleading to large-scale actions and widespread accusatory rhetoric aimed at dismantling drug gang.

In this work, police entities not only crack down on criminal enterprises, but also reveal their “modus operandi” to the state, including their roles, names of leaders, profits, territories they dominate, and even the controlled substances they distribute.

but Have you ever wondered what is the internal structure of a criminal organization? What is the hierarchy of medicine points? What role do they play? How have medicine point operations evolved? How many people have been hired?

“This type of bargaining, this type of organization, operates like a corporation. Its participants have different roles, they have different jobs within the company, and of course, they have their own rules. ” federal prosecutor’s office, Alberto Lopez Rocafort.

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