from Calabresi to criticism on the transfer market

The director Pantaleo Raven spoke at the press conference.

“Calabresi? It would be easy for me to answer in a simplistic way, but it is a question that involves many aspects.

I could limit myself by replying that you can criticize everything except consistency. Stefano and I have been saying for some time that we have clear ideas and we knew who to move forward with and who not.

There may be technical personal beliefs which may be of the directors or the coach. And they can be unshareable. However, we go ahead with these beliefs and express them directly interested by saying the reasons. At the end of the season, after analyzing with the coach, we shared this choice, on Calabresi and beyond. These are our beliefs dictated by our skills and experiences. We have been consistent, we said our conviction about Calabresi a month ago.

When certain players arrive they say ‘but who are they? Calabresi has always changed clubs playing little in Bologna. Where do we go with this rose? The new ones are not up to the old ones. ‘

These are the defeatists, the critics. Or fans of other clubs, or rosiconi. I do not address those, I address our fans who are identified as fans. The real fans are in the areas where they always support us, and then whistle at the end of the game. We turn to these fans, not to the rosiconi and defeatists with false names who group themselves into parties on social networks. I do not turn to these.

These complaints are everywhere. If I make an excursus I remember how we started, the first match with Pordenone. The day after tomorrow we return after two years to Via del Mare and this Saturday there will be noise, there will be 30 thousand people. After two years from nowhere we got to make noise with the stadium full. This is the result of the work done in these two years. Goals are important but paths are even more important. When I arrived I was accused of selling Petriccione and buying strangers. Of having changed coaches after the lack of promotion. The first year was like this. For example, that year the squad was there, with 4 from the end we were 5 points ahead. It was thought that the squad was to blame… .then we left and we were criticized for the sale of Meccariello, so to speak. Or they criticized the stay of Gabriel and Lucioni, defined as recommended. In the end we won the championship and went to Serie A.

Calabresi arrived last year and was subject to doubt. Now on social media parties about players are born, this thing I had to understand when I arrived. I remember the tears for the sale of a player who are in Serie C today. At the time I was incapable because I had sold those players to a million and a half. Now the ‘recommended’ players (Lucioni, Coda) have been given and it is a problem. Were Lucioni, Gabriel and Coda not recommended?

We told you that Gendrey and Gallo must be valued, we must have the courage to focus on them because they are 2000 and can prove to be in A.

We don’t pay anyone for social media consent. In Florence I immediately scored 60 points, equal to those made now that seem a lot. When I was there, 60 points were few. The second year in December we were 4 points behind the champions and in attack there were Simeone, Muriel, Vlahovic, Chiesa. On social media it was criticized because I had Thoreau in attack, they said he was not up to par. I am making these references to make it clear that the football-social link is like this everywhere.

We are consistent, we confirmed Gendrey and Gallo. We took on Frabotta who had 18 games with Juve. We in Lecce cannot take full-blown qualities, we have to risk the potential.

It is true that we are a club that has money, because without money you cannot make purchases. With great humility, however, we must say that in Serie A we are the last of the clubs with money. Could I have a defender? I could have taken three, with debt. We need to find balanced solutions. We must be able to resist. In the middle of the field we trusted Hjulmand, Helgason and Gonzalez.

The defeatists are always in the front row. When I took Lucarelli it was said that he ate the purpette. Then we sold it for 18 billion. I took Chevanton instead of him and had to flee to São Paulo to hear no one.

After Bojinov I was criticized by Vucinic because he came from the youth sector. I turn to the fans: we strive to do our best.

Are reporters criticized for not asking hot questions? You fought with us until the last day, it seems to me you have seen more good things than wrong. “

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