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Anitta launches album with songs in three languages ​​and different rhythms

After the success of “To involve“, anita now presents its new album, entitled “Versions of Me“. Now available on music platforms, the project has tracks in English, Spanish and Portuguese, a pattern that Anitta had already followed in her latest works, such as the album “Kisses”. Khalid, Cardi B and Kevin O Chris.

Initially, the album would be called “Girl From Rio”, with the proposal to exalt the singer’s origins. Anitta even released a clip with the title song of the album, but later chose to change the concept of the project. It was then that the artist announced the new name, “Versions of Me”, along with the album cover, which consists of a montage with Anitta’s faces in different versions, referring to the plastic surgeries and aesthetic procedures she performed over the years. .

The singer even received criticism for changing the name of the project, but said that “it made more sense”. During a live, Anitta also explained the reason why she used her different versions on the cover.

“In other countries it’s not like that, people are not as open as plastics that way, are not open about their faults, about laughing at themselves. The strategy behind the album is to have something to talk about in interviews, to be able to have a topic about the album that keep the side that’s the funny, the polemicwhich goes viral, which generates interviews of all kinds and sends a message to people not to take themselves so seriously, to laugh at themselves”, he declared.

Among the songs that integrate the new album are the already known tracks “Girl From Rio”, “Faking Love” with Saweetie, “Boys Don’t Cry” and “Me Gusta” with Cardi B and Myke Towers. Among the unreleased songs are the partnership with Khalid, “Ur Baby”, and “Que Rabão”, with vocals by Mr. Catra, who passed away in 2018, but left the track’s vocals recorded.

“Envolver”, the first track by a Brazilian to reach the top of Spotify, is the first song on the album. Last Tuesday, an article in Folha de S. Paulo revealed that more than 60% of the track’s plays came from Brazil, stating that the song was not as successful worldwide as it seems.

Anitta and the singer’s fans did not like the insinuation and criticized the newspaper. The artist even mocked when recalling the article mistakenly published by the vehicle announcing the death of Queen Elizabeth II. “Everything ok with Queen Elizabeth, guys?”, she wrote in the Folha post on Instagram that talked about “Envolver”.

Amidst the release of the album, Anitta prepares for her first performance at Coachella, in California. The singer takes the stage of the Festival on the 15th and 22nd of April. Other artists like Harry Styles, Pabllo Vittar, Billie Eilish and Megan Thee Stallion also perform at the event. The festival will be shown for free to Brazil through YouTube.

Recently, Anitta became involved in a controversy when she was on the cover of the international magazine Nylon, which would be aired at Coachella, but had a preview released on social media on Monday, April 4. On the cover, the magazine highlighted the singer’s speech: “In the United States, everyone wants to be cool. In Brazil, everyone wants to have fun and have sex, and I want to bring that energy here.” The artist was accused of reinforcing stereotypes and promoting sex tourism in Brazil, but she soon spoke out and claimed that she was taken out of context.

“I’m perplexed by this headline, real. I’m seeing this cover now and I’m discredited by this headline completely out of context”, he declared. “I’ll explain how it works. Let’s suppose you’re going to do a Mother’s Day article about your mother in the newspaper. Then you’ll do the interview to talk about her. Then you spend I don’t know… 2 hours talking about your mother in various aspects In the middle of this conversation, the journalist asks: And how is your mother when you want to go out at night? Then you answer: ‘Nooossa, but mom is a boring thing, hahahha. They always predict everything bad that will happen to us. before it happens. What hate you give. Then after it happens the mother says: I warned you hahaha they are right’. Then on the cover of the newspaper there is the photo of you with your mother and the headline: ‘Mother is a boring thing. ‘. Did those words come out of your mouth? They did. But what was the question? What was the tone of your answer? Did you speak laughing? Screaming? What came after that speech? That’s the question. It goes from the professionalism and common sense of the journalist to transcribe the situation and not just the words,” he said.

After the negative feedback, the magazine deleted the publication. A new version of the cover was released this Monday, April 12, and it seems that it will continue to air at Coachella.

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