From Cardi B to Mr. Catra, Anitta launches album with partnerships and multiple rhythms

After the success of “Envolver”, Anitta’s new album, entitled “Versions of Me“, arrives on music platforms this Tuesday, April 12. The project has tracks in English, Spanish and Portuguese, a pattern that Anitta had already been following in her latest works, such as the album “Kisses”. collaborating with the carioca on the album are Khalid, Cardi B and Kevin O Chris.

Initially, the album would be called “Girl From Rio“, with the proposal of extolling the origins of the singer. Anitta even released a clip with the title song of the album, but later chose to change the concept of the project. It was then that the artist announced the new name, “Versions of Me “, along with the album cover, which consists of a montage with Anitta’s faces in different versions, referring to the plastic surgeries and aesthetic procedures she performed over the years.

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The singer came to receive criticism for changing the name of the project, but said that “it made more sense”. During a live, Anitta also explained the reason why she used her different versions on the cover. “In other countries it’s not like that, people are not as open as plastics so they are not open about their faults, about laughing at themselves. The strategy behind the album is to have something to talk about in the interviews, it’s to be able to have a subject about the album that keeps the side that is funny, controversial, what goes viral, that yields interviews of all kinds and sends a message to people to not take yourself so seriously, to laugh at yourself”, he declared.

Among the songs that integrate the new album are the already known tracks “Envolver”, “Girl From Rio”, “Faking Love” with Saweetie, “Boys Don’t Cry” and “Me Gusta” with Cardi B and Myke Towers. Among the unreleased songs are the partnership with Khalid, “Ur Baby”, and “Que Rabão”, with vocals by Mr. Catra, who passed away in 2018, but left the track’s vocals recorded.

Check out the tracklist:

1. Involve

2. Cat (with Chencho)

3. I’d Rather Have Sex

4. Gimme Your Number (with Ty Dolla Sign)

5. Maria Elegante (with Afro B)

6. Love You

7. Boys Don’t Cry

8. Versions of Me

9. Turn It Up

10. Ur Baby

11. Girl From Rio

12. Faking Love (with Saweetie)

13. Que Rabão (with YG, MC Kevin O Chris, Mr. Catra and Papatinho)

14. Me Gusta (with Cardi B and Myke Towers)

15. Love Me, Love Me

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