From Columbus Short in “The Bargain” to Kevin Hart in “Elevator,” Here Are 10 Black Movies and TV Shows to Watch This Weekend

We’re back, welcome to 2024. There were a lot of great movies and TV shows coming out last year, including ending the year with the big reveal of the new movie The Color Purple . The film boasts a star-studded cast, including Taraji P. Henson, Fantasia Barrino, Corey Hawkins, Danielle Brooks and Whoopi Goldberg, who starred in the 1985 No. 1 Filmed with Oprah Winfrey.

Fans have been talking about the movie for weeks, along with other details about the mistreatment of actors on set. Winfrey has denied accusations of any intense tension between the cast behind the scenes, but many online seem to think it was just a front.

Comedian Kevin Hart has also had a busy few days since Kate Wilhelm’s explosive interview, in which he blamed Hart for, among other things, the poor box office performance of his comedy show. Hart is putting drama aside and busy promoting his new crime thriller “Elevator.”

As for series, check out all six seasons of the This Is Us family cast, as well as new episodes of the original Peacock series Found, which focuses on the search for missing people of color.

Check out ABS’s first list of what to watch this weekend in 2024:


  • Violent Man(2019) Actor and former NFL running back Thomas Q. Jones plays Ty Matthews in the murder mystery drama. Struggling with a long-term relationship and making ends meet as an MMA fighter, he met a reporter to tell his comeback story. After an intimate night together, the woman is found murdered and he becomes the prime suspect.

  • Former Game(2013) A male lawyer’s extramarital affair lands him in trouble as his wife plans a scandalous revenge plot after catching him having sex with another woman. Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman, but did she go too far and do the unthinkable?
  • Blackness and Privilege (2018) Enjoy this three-part series about when a low-income family moves into a prosperous black neighborhood in Chicago, making a group of middle-class black people uncomfortable.
  • Jamie Foxx presents Rafa Paluza (2003) Before he was an Emmy winner, Jamie Foxx was known for making audiences laugh with his comedy. Back in 2003, he traveled to Atlanta to showcase the country’s hottest comedians in a comedy special. Viewers can hear jokes from Fox himself, as well as Lavelle Crawford, Corey Holcomb, Sheryl Underwood, Bill Burr, David Alan Grier and more.
  • Bargaining (2023) A naive law student’s life begins to unravel when he and his wife realize they were tricked into signing a postnuptial agreement. The film stars actor Columbus Short.


  • Purple(2023) To watch the full movie you need to go to a cinema. But for those looking for background information on the new musical adaptation of the 1985 film, Oprah and the Color Purple Tour takes you behind the scenes and on the set of the film, which opens on Christmas Day. Viewers can also watch an exclusive conversation with the film’s star, Taraji P. Henson, who plays Sugar Avery. Oprah Winfrey will reflect on her role as Sophia in the first film and chat with more stars from the new film, like HER, Danielle Brooks, Corey Hawkins and Co Man Domingo.


  • Waiting to Exhale(1995) Actor Forest Whitaker directed this classic and iconic film based on Terry McMillian’s novel about four women and their relationships with men. The star-studded cast includes Angela Bassett, Whitney Houston, Leila Rochon, Loretta Devine, Gregory Hines and more.


  • Elevator(2024) Comedian Kevin Hart ditches his funny hat to take on a more serious role in this action film from director F. Gary Gray. He plays Cyrus Whitaker, the mastermind of a heist party, in the film, which has drawn comparisons to other heist movies such as Set It Off and The Italian Job.

  • This is Us (6 seasons) NBC’s popular hit series “This Is Us,” about a black child adopted by a white family, has sparked debate around the world. Growing up in a family as the only black person was no easy task, but there was a lot of love, compassion, and reflection in this blended family. Some of the main cast members include Sterling K. Brown, Mandy Moore, Niles Fitch, and the late Ron Cephas Jones.


  • Found (Season 1 Episode 12) “Shameless” star Shanola Hampton leads a dedicated and passionate team of experts and investigators who go ahead of the police in finding missing persons in Washington, D.C. She plays Gabby, a woman who escaped her kidnapper as a child and kidnapped him as an adult. She imprisoned him and tied him up in the basement until she shared her secret with her colleagues.

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