From December, e-TOLL is compulsory on A2 and A4. It is an alternative to governmental applications

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December 1 will become a key date for drivers. There will be no goals on A2 (between Konin and Stryków) and A4 (between Wroc³aw and Sośnica). No, this does not mean that the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways has decided to give drivers a gift. It only means that they have another responsibility. In order to pay for the journey, they will have to buy a motorway ticket at a gas station or pay via the government’s e-TOLL app. And although the application sounds intuitive, unfortunately it is not intuitive in practice. And drivers have at least a few reservations.

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The e-TOLL application is … far from perfect

The e-TOLL application has a number of problems. The first is the difficult account registration – the data is detailed and must be authorized with a trusted profile, and the prepaid account must be topped up. The second is problems with the application – not always automatically charges for roads, sometimes the driver has to start the payment manually. The third is that the lecturers … have no choice – without an application or a ticket, they face a severe penalty of PLN 500. And the tolls will be checked automatically – through a system of cameras installed at the entrance and exit of the toll section.

The e-TOLL application is not the only option. Autopay goes into action!

At this point, we have quite important information for drivers. Because although a few days ago it seemed that they had no choice but to use the e-TOLL application, they have just received an interesting alternative. The Autopay system also offers the possibility of paying the toll for A2 and A4. And in this case, the solution is really intuitive. First of all, due to the quick registration – on the operator’s website or after downloading the application. Secondly, the fees are charged directly to the payment card, not the prepaid account. Third, Autopay uses location, but only when it needs to, not all the time like the e-TOLL app.

Autopay is based on geofencing. This means that it does not monitor the entire journey, but only reacts in a situation where the driver crosses the border defined by the entrance to the toll section.

e-TOLLThe controls on A2 and A4 have just started. The tax office checks the fees and issues tickets

What is Autopay?

What is Autopay? It is an application created in 2019 for contactless and automatic payments. For some time now, it has been serving the A1 and A4 motorways (authorization takes place via a camera system – the driver does not stand in the queue), and a number of car washes and parking lots. Using it is simple. The program should be downloaded from App Stora, Google Play or AppGallery, installed and registered. The payment is processed by a payment card or a bank account – the funds are charged on an ongoing basis and do not require the so-called prepaid account.

Autopay on A2 and A4. Is it good idea? Yet how!

The Autopay system has already proved its high functionality when driving on the motorway. It works efficiently and allows you to pass the gates faster. And as registration in the application is faster and easier than in e-TOLL, it is not difficult to expect that adding sections managed by GDDKiA to it will be quickly appreciated by drivers.

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