From “king” to “nobody wanted him”: Romelu Lukaku’s Serie A return leaves Italy devastated

Big Rome is back! Or rather, Romelu a tornado! Since the end of his adventure with Inter Milan, the Red Devil had made a sudden return to Chelsea. knowing full well that he would barely have time to drop off his suitcase in London.

First targeted by Juventus, he would eventually continue his career at AS Roma. The more unexpected the challenge, the more exciting the destination. Inevitably, the Transalpine press focused heavily on this transfer this Wednesday morning. The media is divided between skepticism and enthusiasm.

“No one wanted this…”

As always, the Red Devils will have to believe that they can still be at their best. To some, he is no longer the Romelu Lukaku of yesteryear. “Will he be important for Roma?”asks former Juventus player Massimo Mauro on Canal 5. “He has to be 100% physically otherwise he is a useless player. For Roma, he is a good centre-forward if he gets back to his level. Belotti might be worried… even if it’s striker Not as strong as we saw under Conte.”

Antonio Cassano, well known in Italy, has never shied away from criticizing the top scorer in Belgian history. Once again, he didn’t have a tongue in his pocket. “It was Mourinho who made this transfer possible. Since it was Mourinho who allowed the arrival of Dybala and Paredes. (…) But no one wanted this. If we are dealing with Romelu Lukaku who played under Conte, Roma would be in the top 4. But there’s a big difference: Conte isn’t there and Lukaku hasn’t done the slightest off-season preparation. If he is 100% physically fit, he can make a difference in Italy. But how long will it take to get fit? I really hope he can score 25-30 goals for Roma, but to be honest: what we saw in him in the last two years was not good.In the issuance of Christian Vieri, the emphasis is on the ancient Roman.

Signing his contract, returning to training and working to achieve his ideal weight: Romelu Lukaku has a busy schedule at Roma


Romelu Lukaku knows better than anyone that you can’t please everyone. Right from the beginning of his career, he has always faced adversity. If he made transfer mistakes like his return to Chelsea, this return to Serie A pleased the other side of the press.

Beginning with Corriere dello Sport: “King”Italian media headlines. “More than 7,000 supporters turn up in Ciampino for the first Belgian hug. The Gialorossi now have another king”He explains. “A few days ago, this arrival seemed unimaginable. And yet, since yesterday, the dream has come true. At least for one year, which is the duration of the expensive loan from Chelsea. Roma does not want to think about the future , simply because the present is so beautiful.”

Italian Media Screenshot ©Italian Media Screenshot

Gazzetta dello Sport was heavily criticized, yet the media is happy to have the colossus back in Serie A. “Like a King”Pink even made daily headlines about her triumphant reception on the Roman tarmac. The newspaper even managed to ask him his first impression: “I am Happy to see everyone, it was exciting for me, I can’t wait to play He explained simply.

Italian Media Screenshot ©Italian Media Screenshot

Here’s What Tuttosport Estimates “The arrival of the Big Rome makes the Roma go crazy”, For everyday life, the player needs to quickly go to work: “It was delirium at Ciampino for the bomber’s arrival on a jet piloted by Friedkin. He needs to be back in shape, but Mourinho is already hoping to have him in the squad against Milan this Friday.”

Italian Media Screenshot ©Italian Media Screenshot

For others, with the arrival of number 90, AS Roma can once again find ambition. And some even start dreaming… of the Scudetto. “Honestly, I didn’t expect this”Roberto Pruzzo, the famous former attacker in the boot, begins on the pages of Il Messagero. “This transfer is a huge success. This team needs a breather of enthusiasm and Friedkins should be congratulated (Roma owner) Joe managed to surprise again for the third summer in a row. After Mourinho and Dybala arrive, it is Lukaku who packs his suitcases in Rome.”

For the former Wolves club legend, where he played 314 games and scored 138 goals, the marriage to the Argentine promises to be a great one. “The Belgian is a striker who changes the team. Lukaku and Dybala are on the same level as Osimhen and Kwaara, although I don’t like the comparison. I think they can become the best duo in the league. They can easily score 40 goals. Between them. When you know Roma scored 53 last year, you can start dreaming.”

That’s all we wish for her after a tumultuous summer of Big Rome.

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