From Mariano to Olgiate, Meloni is full here. Lega keeps the Lezzeno fiefdom


Fratelli d’Italia pulls the center-right in the Como area. With approval percentages higher than the national figure.

The center-right coalition goes well over 50% in the main cities of the province. And in one of the League’s feuds, Lezzeno (college of Sondrio), also thanks to the preferences of the “Po Valley” reaches 67.36%. FdI is at 30.42, but the party of Matteo Salviniis not far away: 29.09 the percentage of preferences. In Lezzeno, the town of the historic Northern League exponent Armando Valli “Mandell”, the celebrations of the League are hosted. And also in July Salvini participated in the event.

Looking in detail at the other preferences expressed in the main towns of Como, in Cantù the center-right is 55.85%. 28.64% of the voters of the city, led by the Northern League mayor Alice Galbiati, chose Giorgia Meloni’s party. The League at 16.45% and Forza Italia at 9.73.

The opponents stop, overall, at 23.89%, with the Pd at 16.71. Third pole at 9.82 and 5Stelle at 6.05.

The winning coalition, in Erba (college of Sondrio), brings home a practically identical result. The center-right is 55.87%, with 29.75 preferences for FdI. Following this, Lega at 15.97% and Forza Italia (under its flag the mayor Mauro Caprani was elected) is at 9.

The center-left is at 23.03%, with the Democratic Party at 16.46%. 10.19% of the preferences reached by Action and Italia viva, and 6.52% those for the 5Stelle.

Even better, the results of the center-right in Olgiate Como and Mariano.

The citizens of Olgiate, who at the last administrative offices have chosen Simone Moretti as mayor, a civic center (only in the Renzian era he was enrolled in the Democratic Party), have chosen the center-right for politics, which has reached 57.68% of preferences. Meloni’s party is at 31.5%, the Lega 15.94 and Forza Italia 9.59.

Center-left stops at 21.12%, third pole at 9.77 and the party of the former premier Giuseppe Conte at 6.48. Finally, Mariano Comense, another town run by a Northern League mayor, Giovanni Alberti. Here the winning coalition brings home 57.75%, FdI are at 31.69, Lega 15.96 and Forza Italia 9.58.

The center-left is at 21.83, Action and Italy viva 8.84 and 5Stelle 6.84.

Remaining in the area, in Ponte Lambro (where the Northern League player Eugenio Zoffili lives), 17.42% of the voters chose Salvini’s party(53.79 the coalition) and 16.53% the Democratic Party (22.65% the center left).

Even Bregnano, the town of the dem Chiara Braga, rewards the center-right: 56.62%, against 21.89 for the center-left.


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