from panels to mini-wind, here are the incentives for cutting bills

There are many different types of renewable energy with which you take advantage of the incentives provided by the government to cut your electricity and gas bills.

The government continues the fight against rising bills due to the Russian-Ukrainian war which has now lasted for about five months.

renewable energies

Many incentives have been allocated to date to help citizens overcome the economic crisis by choosing alternatives to gas. Among these we have the Superbonus 110%, the restructuring bonus, the Ecobonus. Let’s see how these incentives can be exploited to install renewable energy systems.

Renewable energy bonus: from panels to mini-wind, here are the incentives for cutting bills

The Super bonus 110% it is the first incentive to install a photovoltaic system at no cost. In fact, thanks to the 110% deduction, it will be possible to obtain a refund equal to the expense incurred. But you can also choose the discount on the invoice that the company applies directly or the tax credit.

An important requirement to use this bonus is that the installation of the photovoltaic system must be associated with one or more driving interventions included in the redevelopment project. In addition, there must also be the advancement of at least two energy classes with respect to the starting one.

The renovation bonus it could be an interesting alternative. However, the cost of installing the photovoltaic system or solar panels must not exceed 96 thousand euros. There is a 50% deduction which will be recovered subsequently in annual installments of the same amount over the next ten years.

There is also another possibility to install the photovoltaic system with interested incentives: theEcobonus with two deductions: 50% or 60%. This bonus also includes the installation of heat pumps or solar thermal collectors.

Also in this case, as in the Superbonus, in addition to the deduction in the tax return, you can choose between the discount on the invoice applied by the company that carries out the work or the transfer of credit.

In addition to the sun, among renewable energies we also have wind. Precisely for this reason, there are two solutions for creating a mini-wind power plant.

The first consists in the installation of a small turbine with a power of 100 kW. The cost is around 2 thousand euros. But to these must be added the expenses for installation and labor.

Instead, the second solution has a much lower cost of around 200 euros. It involves installing a wind turbine with a maximum power of 6 kW and a limited energy production.

Wind power and self-rotating wind turbine

Regarding wind energy, we want to point out the idea of ​​a Tuscan designer who created a wind turbine that should solve the main limitation of wind energy. That is, the unidirectionality of the movement of the blades.

In fact, generally, the propellers of the wind power plant always rotate in only one direction, vertical or horizontal. By not taking full advantage of the wind direction, the system is used in a very limited way. This problem occurs both for classic systems and for small domestic wind turbines.

A Tuscan designer, Aldo Benincasa, would have found a solution to this limit by inventing a new wind turbine, which he called “Airon”. In an interview with the magazine “Near future”Benincasa revealed that it is a self-rotating multi-blade wind turbine with a variant geometry.

In practice, the turbine can operate independently of the wind direction making the most of wind energy.

Furthermore, the Airon micro-wind turbine with rotating propellers, according to the designer, can “be used for a production starting from about 500/600 Watt / hour in the case of small dimensions (around 1.40m / 1.50m with a weight about 10kg) from prototype experiments “.

For the moment, the Airon wind turbine is just a prototype “but it works”, guarantees Benincasa, which in the meantime has registered the patent.

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