From Pokémon to Magic, when card games become safe havens

You can find it on YouTube the video of Logan Paul who after spending 3.5 million dollars on Pokémon Cards discovers that they are fake. We do not know if this is true or a hoax, but we do know that, thanks to the pandemic, collectible card games have become a safe haven and are experiencing golden years. Let’s talk about Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon Trading Card Game and Yu-Gi-Oh, to name a few. The oldest is certainly Magic, founded in 1993 by Richard Garfield and produced and distributed worldwide by the famous Wizards of The Coast. The richest is the Pokémon brand.

Winner of the “Best Gaming Licensed Property” award at the Licensing Awards 2021, Pokémon ranked first for 2021 in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, with the highest sales increase compared to the same period of the previous year of all. the companies analyzed in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. We are talking about more than 22 billion Pokémon TCG cards, which have been translated into 13 languages ​​and distributed in 77 countries. A week ago, the latest Sword and Shield expansion – Origin Lost was announced. What changes? The lost area is similar to the discard pile, but players will no longer be able to retrieve cards that end up there during the game.

Sword and Shield – Lost Origin

Cards from the Lost Area, such as Giratina-V ASTRO, feature a dark aura emanating from the illustration.In addition, Sword & Shield – Lost Origin will be based on the popular Pokémon Legends: Arceus video game and will include several of Hisui’s Pokémon, including Hisui-V ASTRO’s Zoroark and Hisui-V ASTRO’s Goodra, as well as Shiny Pokémon such as Shiny Gardevoir. So again there is the game mechanics of the lost area and the creativity while at an economic level the margins always remain very high. Let’s say there are few games that have such high profits.

However, it is not a world without innovation and experimentation and field invasions. As in this case: Wizzards of the Coast has announced a new collaboration between Magic the Gathering and Warhammer 40,000, which will expand the collectible card game with the Universes Beyond set. This crossover will be based on a series of Commander-type cards divided into 4 thematic decks inspired by the 4 factions of the famous wargame: Imperium, Chaos, Necron and Tiranidi.

Find out more
Find out more
Magic and Warhammer 40,000,

It will be released on October 7, fans are warned.

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