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Thanks to quantum physics it becomes possible to observe biological processes in a new way, to discover the secrets of the origin of life. The bizarre laws that govern the world of the infinitely small control the reactions between atomic oxygen and compounds that contain nitrogen: this was discovered by the Italian research published in the journal Nature Chemistry and conducted by Scuola Normale di Pisa, University of Bologna, University of Perugia and Milan Polytechnic.

Born from the collaboration between theoretical and experimental chemists and physicists, the discovery was born from the study of the chemical conditions that occur in the gas phase and at low temperatures, fundamental for understanding, for example, the typical reactions of atmospheric chemistry and astrochemistry, that is science on the border between chemistry, astronomy and physics that studies the chemical elements present in space. Thus, new tools arrive to observe in a new way many processes underlying biology such as climate change.

The Italian researchers have studied in particular the phenomenon in which a jump occurs between different electronic states, called ‘intersystem crossing’ and have discovered that this process is present for 30% in the reaction between atomic oxygen and an aromatic compound devoid of nitrogen. , such as benzene, and 98% when the reaction occurs with a compound that contains benzene, such as pyridine. “Benzene and pyridine have the same number of electrons, the fact that pyridine contains nitrogen and benzene does not allow us to understand that the phenomenon of intersystem crossing was due solely and exclusively to the interaction between the oxygen atom and the ‘nitrogen atom of pyridine ”, observes Silvia Alessandrini, research fellow at the Scuola Normale in Pisa.

Pedro Recio, from the University of Perugia, the Smart Laboratory of the Scuola Normale directed by Vincenzo Barone, the group of the University of Bologna coordinated by Cristina Puzzarini, that of the University of Perugia coordinated by Nadia Balucani and that of the Polytechnic of Milan (coordinated by Carlo Cavallotti.

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