from Rihanna to Sarah Jessica Parker, the trend infects the stars

The unexpected summer guest? A jewel whose craftsmanship is renowned abroad, which shines in the history of art and, today, conquers world stars. The cameo (or cameo) returns to be the undisputed protagonist of the summer, passing from the nineteenth-century tradition of Torre del Greco, in Campania, to the Hollywood red carpets. Up to the royal houses, to then land on the beaches with necklaces, bracelets and earrings suitable for the holidays. According to a study conducted by the Espresso Communication agency, currently there are about 300 manufacturing companies that employ 2,000 people. Already in Ancient Rome, craftsmanship was used to carve precious stones representing war scenes and the master engravers, who created precious jewels starting from a shell, have handed it down over time. Rihanna she has often combined her brooch with casual outfits, showing it on the lapel of denim or using the cameo itself as a pendant. With her, well-known faces of the big screen such as Cate Blanchettwho wore it on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Demi Moore. It’s still, Gigi Hadid And Demi Lovato to get to local celebrities Claudia Gerini And Caterina Balivo.

A trend that goes crazy on social networks thanks to the hashtag #cameojewelry: over 30 thousand posts dedicated to the ambassador of made in Italy excellence. The fashion influencer Alexa Chung, which boasts 5 million followers, hasn’t given up on a few shots with a designer pendant. “In a world of mass-produced products, they offer an innovative and seductive touch of a classic art form”, explains the ethnologist and student of applied arts. Cristina Del Mare among the pages of the volume “Multum in Parvo”. From the Renaissance to the Elizabethan age, going up to the Napoleonic period (as evidenced on TV by “Bridgerton” during the English Regency), the “Cameo-mania” also enchanted the consort of the transalpine emperor, Giuseppina, who received a tiara as a gift jealously guarded by the Swedish crown. So much so that the Princess Victoria he wore it elegantly on the occasion of his wedding. «Surely there are several factors that contribute to the rediscovery of this jewel, fitting into the contemporary aesthetic of the mix and match in which the combination of elements from various styles and eras reveals the creative capacity and taste of each one.

The beauty and expressive power of a cameo, with the profile or body of a woman engraved, do not depend on the subject but on the quality of the hand that made it. – adds the expert White Hat, Professor of History of Applied Arts at the IED in Milan – Those who decide to wear one revisited in a modern way, of never seen size or with trendy subjects, tailor-made or witty, proves to have a strong, curious character, and loves opportunity to surprise others with a personal point of view. Inserting a new image in an object of ancient taste generates a destabilization based on the playful effect of a false historical find, stimulating surprise and fun ». Between design, craftsmanship, experimentation and avant-garde, the versions of the small-refined gems are different and constantly changing. «We did a long research to make the cameo current and we were pioneers in its prêt à porter concept, thus clearing it from the idea that it was only for queens and ladies. Permanent collections or constantly renewed lines in which we offer a more modern and young style: an accessory in everyday clothing that goes well with a simple t-shirt and jeans “, says the founder of Cameo Italiano Gino Di Luca.

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