From selling a house to a flight to Minsk. This is how Belarus deceives migrants. Will reluctance and aggression increase?

Dr. Magdalena El Ghamari is an expert in terrorism, cultural security, Islam and conducting military operations in a different cultural environment. He is a research and didactic worker at the Institute of Political Sciences and International Relations of Collegium Civitas (INPiSM) and head of the Cultural Safety Laboratory of Collegium Civitas in Warsaw. It trains intervention groups of the Prison Service, Border Guard, Police and PMC, as well as participants of Polish and international military contingents in the field of operations – Afghanistan, Kosovo, Iraq, Libya.

She was asked how she assessed the current situation on the border with Belarus. According to her, can there be terrorists among migrants?

Certainly, the majority of people coming to the Polish-Belarusian border ended up there in search of a peaceful life, stability and security. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee that there are no people associated with criminal or terrorist circles among them – points out Dr. Magdalena El Ghamari from Collegium Civitas.

Dr. El Ghamari adds, according to Frontex data, the eastern land borders are illegally crossed by Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians, Congolese and Russians. The fact is, however, that we are dealing with a full spectrum of people about whom we de facto know nothing.

In Belarus, migrants saw snow for the first time:

– Therefore, there is no easy way out of the situation, which – as we can see – is only getting worse. We do not know the history of these people. We do not know how much time they stayed on the territory of Belarus, or where they stayed before. It happens that during the identification, a given foreigner says that he is Iraqi, and then it turns out that he is a Kurd who, admittedly, comes from Iraq, but has been in the territory of the Russian Federation for years.

– indicates the security specialist.

When asked about the future, Dr. El Ghamari does not draw a positive scenario:

Foreigners in the border area differ in terms of language, origin and religion. We can expect a repeat of the Balkans, where, over time, there were tensions and fights between groups of migrants. Additionally, their frustration with their situation, cold and hunger, increases. Resentment and aggression among migrants will only increase.

It is true that the international media say a lot about the fact that Belarus uses migrants and Arabic-language stations have joined it, it is difficult to say whether it will stop migrants from arriving at the Polish-Belarusian border.

– It is a process designed from A to Z by the Belarusian regime. There are whole groups that not only broker real estate in Iraq, but also arrange flights and ensure that for the equivalent of all possessions, they will help migrants enter the EU. They end up trapped in a border strip. At each stage, foreigners are not only uninformed but also unaware of the situation. And yet coming to Europe could be safer and, above all, legal

– summarizes the expert.

Source: PAP,

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