From the Balcony, Chiquis Rivera Shows off Splendid Curves in a Robe

Flaunting her beauty and exaggerating with her figure, the beautiful singer made everyone restless and unleashed a heated wave of reactions

Again Chiquis Rivera grabbed the spotlights and put himself in the eye of the hurricane after sharing a photograph in which he looks at stunning curves from the balcony, apparently the famous is having a moment of relaxation.

In recent days, the beautiful Mexican regional music singer has found a way to satisfy her fans and please them with photographs and videos in which she looks risky and daring.

Without a doubt, this video-like image won the golden palms, and the businesswoman also appears in a robe from the balcony and with a glass of wine as if she was having a fantastic time and decided to share the moment with all her loyal fans.

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Reactions were the order of the day, he immediately took a large number of messages, among which the most affectionate, intense, and passionate standout. She is the owner of an enviable curvy figure that leaves everyone restless.

In the video you can see how Chiquis Rivera enjoys a pleasant moment, posing in a bathrobe, revealing a well-pronounced figure. On the other hand, she is preparing to pamper herself and receive makeup and hairstyle to look more beautiful.

It is worth mentioning that in recent days the famous woman has been somewhat uncomfortable because of what is said about her brothers and her mother’s inheritance. Chris does not take her finger off the line and prefers to continue sharing pleasant moments with everyone.

Through his social networks, he keeps quiet by sharing a message for all his brothers, whom he took care of for a long time, while La Diva de la Banda made his fortune grow with his great singing talent.

Hence, Chiquis Rivera felt like the surrogate mother of all her siblings, who have always been by her side, admire and support her at all times, perhaps they thank her for so much care and attention received.

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The words that Lorenzo Méndez’s ex shared reached everyone’s heart and the first to react were his brothers. They affirm with messages and emojis the truths that the successful interpreter comments, ‘Cheer up and you will see’, who has proven at all times to be a pampering and affectionate sister.     


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