from the dirty bomb to the Midterm elections, here’s what happens-

from Giuseppe Sarcina, Washington correspondent

John Kirby, spokesman for the National Security Council, met with reporters to take stock of the situation

John Kirbyspokesperson for the National Security Counciltook stock of the war, earlier in a briefing at the White House and then, yesterday Thursday 27 October, in a meeting with foreign journalists at the Foreign Press Center in Washington. Kirby spoke at length on both occasions. But we can summarize the six most interesting passages.

1. US intelligence he sees no preparations on the part of the Russians to use “dirty bombs“in Ukraine, ie conventional bombs enriched with radioactive material.
2. Americans have technological tools to unmask a possible attack with a dirty bomb falsely attributed by the Russians to the Ukrainians (“false flag attack“).
3. A summit is not on the agenda at the moment Biden-Putin at the G20 summit in Bali on 15-16 November.
4. The United States do not yet see the conditions for the start of a negotiation between Kiev and Moscow.

5. It’s up to Zelensky it is up to him to decide if, how and when to open negotiations with Putin.
6.Il Biden government it will maintain its support for Ukraine even in the likely event that the Republicans conquer the country House of Representatives in the Midterm elections, on 8 November (on the Midterm elections, read Federico Rampini’s analysis here). According to the calculations of the White House, shared by the Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosia bipartisan majority should still be formed in Congress capable of voting in favor of sending arms and aid to Ukraine also during 2023.

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