From the intellectual look of Jennifer Lopez to the public reappearance of Britney Spears: celebrities in one click

Jennifer Lopez enjoys a healthy coffee at Starbucks with a friend, shining with an intellectual look: an informal gray outfit made of dark pants, a white shirt, a short V-neck sweater and many others (Foto: The Grosby Group)
Britney Spears has seen her sight very concerned with her fans with her videos on social media. In a visit to his manager, Cade Hudson, he lives in good humor and in the company of his dog
Chris Martin, the charismatic singer of Coldplay, found himself in a hotel in Perth, Australia, enjoying the sunny atmosphere of the city. Vestido with a light blue, short gray pants and an informal gorra, Martin opted for a short walk, which reflected his activity relaxed on a planned agenda
Karol G aprovechó his visit to Spain and took photos with his fans at the sight of his hotel in Seville
Paris Hilton intends to maintain its low profile due to sales at a shopping center in Las Vegas. Sin maquillaje y con ropa suelta, se la vio irreconocible
Irina Shayk saw her in the city of New York compared to a third party with her dog. Vest with a black jacket, shoes and sunglasses, the casual but elegant look of the model is always trendy
Gigi Hadid, elegant style, paseó and hizo compras
Millie Bobby Brown and her promise, Jake Bongiovi, visited New York City. The star of Stranger Things, 19 years old, dressed in a plush parka, blue pants and boots
Abrigada pero con style, Hailey Bieber salió de comprar par la ciudad de New York
La Reina Máxima attended the presentation of the 2023 Cultural Fund Prize at the Zuidplein theater in Rotterdam (Photos: The Grosby Group)

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