From the Life of Cubes: Dice Legacy Strategy Released September 9

Publisher Ravenscourt and studio DESTINYbit announced that the urban development strategy with elements of survival and bagel Dice Legacy will be released on September 9, the PC and Nintendo Switch. The game will be sold on SteamGOG, and the Epic Games Store .

Dice will play a significant role in Dice Legacy. We will find ourselves in a mysterious ring-world in which elements of medieval steampunk and board game mechanics meet, we will try to survive in it and build a successful settlement.

The success of any of our actions will be judged by dice rolls. Moreover, they themselves are unusual: in order for the bones to show the desired value, they should be taken care of. Drink, feed, warm, entertain. And with a special throw, they can be turned into new townspeople.

In an unusual strategy, we will create, tune and crossbones to get a wide variety of results. Their unique features will help you not only cope with any situation but also learn all the secrets of the ringworld.

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