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from Monica Guerzoni and Fiorenza Sarzanini

Documentation, swabs and green certificate Covid-19: what changes? For travel it is no longer necessary to undergo tests and no longer need to show the green pass. The rules for mandatory isolation remain in force

To travel in Italy and abroad it is no longer necessary to undergo a swab and you do not need to show any certification, therefore no green pass. Here are all the rules related to the Covid 19 pandemic still in force.


On trains, ships and local public transport it is compulsory to wear the Ffp2 mask until 30 September. Masks should not be worn on airplanes.

Green pass

The green certification is no longer mandatory to enter the places and it does not have to be exhibited even for travel. From 1 June 2022 the Green pass is no longer required in our country for the entry of travelers to Italy. It remains for “mandatory to access as visitors to the inpatient departments of hospitals and nursing homes and to stay as carers of non-Covid 19 patients in the waiting rooms of emergency medical and social health facilities”

Plf- Passenger location form

Italy has eliminated the Passenger Location Form which will no longer have to be filled out by those arriving from abroad. You will not have to show the green pass or swab.


There is also no obligation to show the negative swab and to board airplanes, trains and ships no temperature measurement is required.


Minister Speranza aimed at reducing the duration of the quarantine, in line with most European countries, but wants to wait a few more days to cool the epidemiological curve. In a few days, therefore, the rules should be changed, but at the moment the mandatory quarantine remains
provided for by the circular of the Ministry of Health.


Those who have contracted Covid must observe insulation from the last buffer which gave a positive result. These are the provisions in force:
For the unvaccinated or vaccinated persons who have completed the vaccination course for more than 120 days and for those recovered for more than 120 days isolation lasts 10 days with a negative antigen or molecular test at the end of the period.
For third dose vaccinees booster or who have completed the vaccination course for less than 120 days and for recovered for less than 120 days isolation lasts 7 days with a negative antigen or molecular test at the end of the period.
If you are symptomatic the final test should be performed three days after the symptoms have disappeared. If the first healing pad is successful, it can be booked u
n further buffer after 7 days.
Isolation can be released after 21 days without a tampon if there have been no symptoms in the last week.

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