From the new year, a number of tax changes enter into force, including relating to pensions. Check how much you will gain

A pensioner with a benefit of PLN 2,088 “on hand” thanks to tax changes will receive PLN 2,275 from the new year, or PLN 187 more per month – according to the calculations of the Social Insurance Institution.

Polish Order. See how your pension will change

Almost 90 percent will benefit from the Polish Lada. retirees and 45 percent. entrepreneurs – said Deputy Minister of Finance Jan Sarnowski. He argued that …

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Thanks to the increase of the tax-free amount to 30,000 zloty from next year, all pensions will be exempt from income tax up to PLN 2,500 gross per month.

No income tax advances will be deducted from old-age and disability pensions up to PLN 2,500. Only the 9% health insurance contribution will be deducted so far. As a result, the welfare benefit will increase.

Changes from the new year

– A pensioner with a gross benefit of PLN 2,500 receives PLN 2,088. Thanks to the changes, his payroll benefit will increase to PLN 2,275, as he will not pay the tax of PLN 187 per month. It is PLN 2244 per year – says ZUS spokesman Paweł Żebrowski.

A monthly benefit of up to PLN 2,500 is received by: 3.7 million retirees (i.e. 62% of the total) and 1.4 million pensioners (i.e. 75% of the total).

The average pension paid by ZUS in March this year (after indexation) was PLN 2,544.54 gross. Its majesty is, however significantly diversified in terms of gender – the average benefit for men is PLN 3,184.20, and for women – PLN 2,127.81.

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