From today Meloni will have to manage three majorities and four oppositions –

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After the confidence in the Chamber and the Senate, the premier will have to manage a Balkanized Parliament. The distinction of Romeo (League) asking for cohesion, and for Ukraine proposes a conference with Paris and Berlin

From today Meloni will have to manage three majorities and face four oppositions. The Prime Minister liked the two-day debate on trust, because the discussion was frank and respectful. After all, despite some entanglements, in my opinion there has been much talk of concrete issues. But it was precisely the discussion on concrete issues that showed a Balkanized Parliament like not even post-Tito Yugoslavia. On the one hand, the government glue fails to conceal the differences between allies. On the other hand – in addition to the obvious differences between the Pd, M5S and Action – a sort of intransigent intergroup was born in the Chambers of the Chambers, which welds the grillini, the radical left and a fringe of democrats on the knots of war and justice.

The latest news on the Meloni government

In the center-right it is clear that the problems are not so much linked to the power structures: the agreement on the undersecretaries will be found in the next forty-eight hours, given that the premier wants to close the list by tomorrow, in view of the Council of Ministers. The knots are above all political, they concern the inevitable competition between parties that are also focused on their future prospects. And precisely in the competition between allies, the premier quickly covered Salvini on two sensitive issues: on immigration she was helped by the intervention against NGOs by the Minister of the Interior Piantedosi; on the increase of the ceiling for the use of cash – on which yesterday morning the League had tried to dictate the agenda – took the scene with the reply to the Senate. That passage confirmed to the Democratic Party the existence of a link between the premier and the leader of IV. When Meloni – to reinforce his thesis – quoted the words of the former Minister of Economy Padoan, the Democrat Boccia turned to his former party mate and mimed: That your stuff.

That there is a link, the smiles of the tenant of Palazzo Chigi confirmed it during Renzi’s intervention at zero elevation against the infamous line of opposition of the Democratic Party: pure masochism. President Meloni, did you agree with them? At the end of the voting, the former prime minister gave the prime minister a couple of chocolates, so you keep fit. A curtain was born which was witnessed by Salvini. The Knight also complimented Iv’s boss for his speech: You did very well. But how much weight have you lost ?. Never as this time the debate and the movements of the leaders in the Chamber have revealed the games between and within the parties. For example, the text read by Berlusconi – apparently conciliatory towards Meloni – had tones of vindication on the role played by the founder of the center-right, and which refer to future challenges in the coalition. The problems for the government – according to an Italian executive – will not come from foreign policy but from domestic policy: in the short term, on the competition bill and on the third aid decree; later on economic issues and justice.

And on justice that in the Senate the intergroup of uncompromising. As the day before in the Chamber he had appeared on the approach to the conflict in Ukraine, at Palazzo Madama everything was accomplished with the intervention of the grillino Scarpinato: a thrust against the government and its fascist and massacre matrix that most of the pd group it seemed like an indictment. And that instead was applauded by some of their comrades: in front of the ovation given by the cinquestelle to the former magistrate, in fact, they did not hold back.

Among them was Senator Verini, who initially indulged in a timid clap-clap. But when his clapping got louder, the party colleague Giorgis couldn’t hold up and turned around in amazement at the gesture. Three majorities and four oppositions: in the midst of these ruins a prime minister usually goes to a wedding. Except that internal and international emergencies will not leave Meloni calm. There is trace of it in the persistent cough that has accompanied her in these days, the fault of the many cigarettes with which she tries to soothe her anxiety. The archived trust. And last night the president of the Senate pretended to be annoyed: the debate prevented him from seeing Inter in the Champions League. But the day ended for him with two victories: that of his favorite team and that of the premier.

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