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Incredible new discovery that could drastically change how to diagnose COVID: goodbye forever to tampons.

The COVID-19 in the last two years it has been the most discussed official topic. After the outbreak and spread of the pandemic worries have certainly never subsided e “Prevention is better than cure”.

Application for anti covid
Pfizer invests millions of dollars against the virus- (Photo Canva)

There is still a lot of fear among the people, and this is normal, there are still those who do not frequent crowded places or keep a safe distance in means of transport, or wait their turn outside in shops and supermarkets. So much importance still have maskswhich quite a few people wear for safety.

Pfizer news: create an app to tell us if we have the covid

Application for anti covid
The battle against the virus continues- (Photo Canva)

There technology is the branch that now commands the world everywhere, is also taking off in the world of health care, and if everything works, there is nothing better than continuing to invest in health, a primary asset. There Pfizer, famous pharmaceutical company of the vaccineshe even invested money for an application who can let us know if we are positive for the coronavirus.

How many times for fear have we gone in sanitary campersor in pharmacies to make us a swabpay and wait for the result if we were positive or not, but now the situation tends to change. The pharmaceutical company has invested approx 116 million dollars for this application, capable of avoiding contagions.

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An agreement with the Australian company Reshapp Health will be able to pass the algorithms necessary to make this application work which could be a net change for the entire world population. A big decisive step forward for the protection against the COVID-19.

How this application works

This application will be a lot easy to usein fact a simple cough to understand if we are infected or not. Through the results, it appears that the efficiency of the application is equal to ninety two% also for the two variants Delta and Omicronreally nice result.

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This application it is not yet widespread in Europe, only the approval to install it in smartphones is missing. At the base there is an initial process of machine learningaimed at recording several shots of cough to then highlight the positivity of the individual.

This Australian algorithmalready started working a few years ago, with other, easily treatable diseases such as asthma, pneumonia or bronchitis who began to analyze the respiratory activities of a certain number of people. It should be noted that this app has received CE badge for its use in Europe, already approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration Australian.


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