From today until November 6, many exclusive offers from Eurospin: here is the flyer

Supermarket offers continue, this time it’s Eurospin’s turn with super discounts from today until November 6th

The economic crisis which concerns our country has greatly destabilized the Italians. There are many who fail to make it to the end of the month.

Below cost Eurospin
Eurospin discounts until 6 November-photo

The dear life has brought everyone to their knees, above all because it was the goods and services of primary necessity that increased. Let’s talk about the gasoline, utilities and kinds it fuelsre. The expensive gasoline has caused a lot of damage, but now there is a bonus that concerns the fuel which was extended.

The cost of utilities does not aim to stop, indeed we will probably go towards a real one energy crisis. The winter season, therefore, will have to be faced with more blankets and less heating. However, the Italians are still trying to limit the damage, putting some into practice clever tricks.

The same happened with the foodstuffs. If before shopping was accessible to everyone, now it is necessary to make a selection of the products that are really necessary, those for daily needs. This is because products have risen sharply. However, there is no shortage of offers from supermarkets. Today, the discounts have started at the Eurospin: we discover all the offers.

Offers at Eurospin: here is the complete flyer

Super Eurospin offers
Eurospin offers until 6 November-foto

Since the sting on foodstuffs, shopping has become difficult, especially those of large quantities. And that is why most supermarkets have started to launch offers and sub-costs.

The aim is to build customer loyalty as much as possible and also try to increase purchasing power. Among the most advantageous offers are those of Tigodà but also of Carrefour.

But now it is also the turn ofEurospin which was considered, according to a research by Altroconsumo, the Cheapest discount in Italywith an excellent quality-price ratio.

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The flyer is really greedy for offers. Among the most convenient ones there is certainly the Parmigiano Reggiano DOP 24 months for € 13.99 instead of € 16.99. Sliced ​​speck at € 1.49 instead of € 1.89. High quality roasted cooked ham with limited availability for € 2.99. Low-fat Greek yogurt at 75 cents. Fresh pesto sauce with or without garlic for € 1.09.

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To see all the discounted Eurospin products, you can view the complete flyer here.

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