From Zendaya to Millie Bobby Brown, here are the actors who risked missing out on their most famous roles

Zendaya plays the character so well Rue and its intricacies that it really is hard to think of any other actress suitable for the role.

And yet, instead of Zendaya, at the first castings, the character of Rue was about to be entrusted to a girl with less experience in acting but who had gone through difficult experiences similar to those of the protagonist of Euphoria.


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The team of HBO extension he then assessed that a television show of that magnitude can drag on for many working years and it was necessary to take into account the process and the considerable mental and physical resistance it requires.

Zendaya proved to be up to the role, and while she didn’t experience Rue’s experiences firsthand, she was able to respectfully empathize with her, as one does with a friend.

But she’s not the only actress who risked not getting a major role, here’s who was about to meet the same fate and why:


Before attempting audition for Stranger Things, Millie had a terrible experience with a casting director who advised her to change her ways. Acting for him wasn’t Brown’s thing, she proved herself overripe for his young age. Millie was confused and hurt, maturity was a virtue for her and being an actress was a dream that, discouraged, she was about to abandon. It was her parents who motivated her to register and apply for the role of Eleven and the rest is history! That casting director will now have an “upside down” stomach from gnawing.


This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

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