Frosted hair: what is hair frosting

Frosted hair, or? The hair that you can flaunt in case you choose to opt for thehair frostinga variant of the balayage that is gaining ground among celebrities: it is also the actress who played it in films such as Amsterdam And Babylon Margot Robbie. What are the main characteristics of the effect frosted hair? What are the haircuts that are most enhanced by the typical brightness of the effect hair frosting? In this article we will try to answer these questions to satisfy your curiosity about a new hair trend.

Hair frosting: for shiny hair

Nuances lighter than those of the base color, but which blend well with the latter. Why not playing with thehair contouring, which allows you to enhance the features of the face through the chiaroscuro of which the hair is the protagonist. If your desire is then to show off locks in the nuances of cold blond on brown hair without running into sharp color breaks, then here is thehair frosting it might really pique your interest. In particular, the brightness effect of thehair frosting certainly makes the hair shine with nuances, but not only: the face is also brighter thanks to the frame made up of the hair subjected to hair frosting. To have invented the technique hair frosting he is the colorist Stuart Marsh: to allow thehair frosting to give brightness to the image without incurring evident contrasts is the fact that the strands next to those whose color is lightened and cooled remain dark. By weaving this weave, the effect obtained is similar to that resulting from the formation of ice on the tops of trees: hence the name of the technique, hair frosting.

Hair frosting and styling tips

Among the celebrities who showed off their hair illuminated by the cold light of thehair frosting there are, in addition to Margot Robbie, also Halle Berry And Suki Waterhouse. Among the features of thehair frosting the fact that it turns out to be a technique particularly suitable for those with brown hair stands out. The reason is to be found precisely in the execution technique of thehair frosting which, by combining light strands with other dark ones, allows you to take advantage of an extremely natural luminous-looking hair, avoiding sharp color breaks. On the subject of haircuts that go well with thehair frosting, you really are spoiled for choice. In the light of the hair looks sported by the stars, medium length or extra long hair can be optimally enhanced by thehair frosting. As far as styling is concerned, our advice is to consider the beach waves to give them a new character, i.e. a cold rather than warm light. That’s right: if by now a great classic are soft waves dressed in the warm nuances of caramel, honey and gold, equally bright and impactful can prove to be the same soft waves dressed however in the cold shades that are the protagonists of thehair frosting.

On the subject of color matching this could prove to be excellent news also for all the people who have always wanted to show off a brighter hair, but who have let the dream remain that way because they are in doubt about the temperature of the nuances with which to illuminate the hair: for those with hair color cool brownhere is thehair frosting could prove to be a suitable solution as the light effect to which thehair frosting mira tends to be cold.

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