Frozen 2: Alfred Molina Does Not Believe That There Will Be a Third Chapter of the Franchise


Alfred Molina is one of the stars who have lent their voices to the characters of Frozen 2 – The secret of Arendelle, specifically to King Agnarr. The actor was interviewed recently by Variety on the prospect of a third chapter of the franchise. And according to what was declared by Molina, the hypothesis of seeing the third film seems far away.

“I don’t think there will be three, but that’s what I heard. Who knows? These types of decisions are far above my opinion. 
We must also say that if Frozen 2 – The secret of Arendelle will find the same enormous success of the first chapter it will be complicated not to think about the production of a third film.
The processing of this first sequel was however very troubled and surprised the fans. It seems that the creative team was doubtful on how to set up this sequel to such incredible success as Frozen – The Kingdom of Ice.

Kristen BellAnna’s voice explained that Jennifer Lee, co-director and head of Disney Animation, wanted to be sure that Frozen 2 could have the same impact and weight as its predecessor: “The reason why they didn’t start free so quickly is that no one knew what would happen “ explained the actress.
“I’m glad they took the time they needed because I think it’s really good. A different, more developed Frozen. ” In any case, the pre-sales of the first day are already a record for animation.
Meanwhile, a new clip has been published in which Anna does not need powers.


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