Frozen 2, Kristen Bell Spoiled the Whole Movie to Her Children Three Years Ago


Arriving a few weeks after the release of Frozen II – Il Segreto di Arendelle in theaters, the only ones who know the plot are the cast, the crew of the experts and … the children of the protagonists of the film.

As a guest of Jimmy Kimmel together with Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, and Jonathan Groff, in fact, Kristen Bell confided to have already told the story of Frozen 2 to her children three years ago.

“I told my children everything,” Bell said. “You always want to look good with your children and so I always tell them everything. Something like ‘You don’t understand. I’m literally a tough mom. You don’t understand how strong I am.’ But they don’t want to have anything to do with it. “

“So when we read the first script three years ago, I went home and said ‘OK, here’s how it ends.’ And I told him everything and told him to keep the secret. Then it occurred to me that the children are bad keepers of secrets and that I had violated my contract. “

But the actress was not the only one who wanted to look good with her children. Josh Gad, Olaf’s voice actor in the film, added: “I showed it to my children and then I started freaking out because I thought ‘I signed some deal with Disney that won’t let me talk about spoilers. After I put them to bed and told them ‘Remember, we can’t talk about it. And they already knew it, but I said: “Because, you know, Dad wants to keep on feeding you.”

Apparently, however, the children of the two actors managed to keep the secret, since we know nothing about the film but its synopsis.

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