Fryderyki 2021. Paulla returns to the salons and in what style. She never looked this good. Beautiful waist cut, and like playing with the leg!

Paulla became known a few years ago as an artist with a voice remarkably similar to that of Edyta Górniak. For many years, however, she struggled to prevent anyone from comparing her to a well-known diva. Her efforts were useless, so she decided to step back into the shadows. She focused on loved ones, but decided to come back. She fell to Szczecin for this year’s Fryderyk gala.

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Fryderyki 2021. Paulla returns to the salons and in what style. She has never looked this good. A beautiful cut at the waist, and like a leg game!

Paulla has never been one of the top-class stars, and has never been hailed as a style icon, but we certainly cannot pass by her Thursday styling. The artist posed on the wall during Fryderyk 2021. She was wearing a black dress with sequins sparkling in the flashes of light. We can see a beautiful cut at the waist that emphasizes the slender figure of the artist, and a cut from the hip down on the left side. Thanks to the latter, Paulla was able to play with her foot like Angelina Jolie at the Oscars in 2012. The whole is complemented with silver accessories – high-heeled sandals and eye-catching jewelry in the form of earrings.

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The presence of Paulina Ignasiak, because her real name is Paulla, at the most important music event in the country is not accidental. The artist released an English single “Hold my love” a few days ago. It is with this number (in the Polish version – “The Last Night”) that he will fight for the victory in the Premieres at this year’s festival in Opole.

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